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New research innovation workshops

The first ever Research Innovation Workshop led by NHS Digital took place last month. It was attended by members of the research community including senior research leaders, PhD students and university fellows.

The aim of the workshop was to support researchers by exploring specific topics in-depth and looking at innovative ways of using data. Members of our data teams gave an overview of the data linkage transformation and future plans and received valuable user insight. The workshop gave users the opportunity to feed back on the new data service platform that looks at data linkage and access. Attendees were also able to discuss innovative ways to link and use NHS Digital data in a way that can benefit patients and the public. 

Stuart Blake, NHS Digital Head of Information Utilisation, said: "This event was something that the research community were calling for us to do. We started engaging with senior researchers last year. Through our conversations it was clear that, although many of them had a good understanding of our data, there was a need for a platform where it could be discussed and its use explored in more depth. We started working on the idea of having a series of innovation workshops as a way to give researchers the opportunity to do this."   
Sean Manzi, Associate Research Fellow at Exeter University Medical School said: "I found the day very interesting. It was great to be able to engage with NHS Digital in an open and transparent way. I really feel that events like these will give us, as researchers, more opportunities for the co-production of services."  
More workshops are due to take place in future.

Last edited: 4 March 2019 9:31 am