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New cervical screening figures released

NHS Digital has published their latest report on cervical screening coverage for 2017-2018.

NHS Digital has published their latest report on cervical screening coverage for 2017-2018.

The Cervical Screening Programme, England – 2017-18 report presents information on women aged 25-64 who were invited for regular screening, as well as the screening samples sent to pathology laboratories and referrals to colposcopy clinics.

It also shows the change in the programme’s coverage in England compared to previous years, the numbers invited for screening and the results of the samples taken and the time taken to return results.

Elements of the data within the report has been broken down by age group and local authority, to aid further analysis.

This publication includes an interactive data dashboard that allows the user to break down the coverage data by geography and see time series.


Read the full report

Cervical Screening Programme, England – 2017-18

Notes to editors

  1. On 17 October 2018, Primary Care Support England (PCSE), delivered by Capita, informed NHS England and Public Health England that between January and October this year a significant number of cervical screening letters were not issued to women when they were due. This is understood to be approximately 43,220 invitation or reminder letters, equivalent to less than 1% of women invited in 2017-18.  A further 4,508 test result letters were not sent, equivalent to less than 0.2% of test results in 2017-18.  This issue emerged close to the time of the publication of this report and is still under investigation, therefore, we are not yet able to determine their precise impact on all aspects of the statistical publication. A short update will be provided on the statistical publication page once this is clear.  


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