Statistics to be brought together in accessible format with launch of General Practice data hub

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12 April 2017

Health care professionals, charities, journalists and patients will be soon able to view a wide range of statistical information on GP practices from across England in one place with the launch of a new data hub.

NHS Digital's GP Data Hub will pull together published official figures in an easily accessible format and will publish them over the next six months.

The first stage of the launch will enable users to view statistics showing the number of patients registered at each practice and the number of people working at each practice.

The figures also chart Quality Outcomes Framework (QOF) data, which contains information on the percentage of people suffering from different health conditions at practice, regional and care commissioning group (CCG) level.

The statistics also measure how well each practice is performing in managing chronic conditions and public health concerns.

The project will also feature statistics surrounding health and care of people with learning disabilities.

Figures in a recent report on the health and care of people with learning disabilities found people with learning disabilities have poorer health and shorter life expectancy than people without.

The GP data hub will now mean 77 different indicators linked to people with learning disabilities will now be available at the click of a button and will help public bodies to easily monitor performance in identifying and addressing these issues.

The data hub will allow patients to gain important statistics relating to their practice and allow them to compare it to neighbouring or former practices.

It will also help journalists, charities and health care professionals to quickly analyse published statistics about GP practices to find the information they are looking for.

Dave Roberts, Head of Business and Operational Delivery for NHS Digital, said: "We are delighted that the GP Data Hub will bring together a wide range of NHS Digital GP statistics into an easily accessible format.

"We see this as a really great visual tool for professionals and patients who are interested in finding out statistical information about their local GP practices and hope it will encourage more people to engage with what is going on in the primary care sector."

To access the data hub visit:


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