Dynamic Purchasing System to give simple and convenient access to HSCN services

27 November 2017

NHS Digital and Crown Commercial Service (CCS) have created a new Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) to give providers a simple and convenient access to companies that supply Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) services.

The DPS will allow providers to compare prices from different suppliers and look at a range of HSCN packages to find the one that best suits their needs.

Health and social care organisations will also benefit from saving time and money in needing to seek legal advice over terms and conditions of contracts as these have already been managed as part of the DPS.

All suppliers have to be Stage 1 compliant to join the DPS. The application process has been simplified and replaces the traditional lengthy framework tender process.

Once on board, suppliers will be able to bid to deliver the service to thousands of health and social care sector organisations across the UK.

HSCN enables health professionals from NHS Trusts, hospitals, GPs, social care organisations and non-public sector bodies to communicate and share information securely, delivering efficient, effective public services that meet the needs of citizens.

HSCN replaces the 13-year-old N3 network and has been designed so any compliant suppliers can provide services to health and social care organisations.

Dermot Ryan, HSCN Programme Director at NHS Digital, said: "Creating a competitive market for network services in health and social care, to drive both product innovation and value for money, has been an ambition of the programme since the outset. 

"Working in partnership with Crown Commercial Service, the establishment of the dynamic purchasing system is a significant part of realising this ambition.

"The DPS will promote the formation of a thriving market in HSCN services and provide health and social care customers with an easy to use, low risk way of procuring compliant services."

Niall Quinn, CCS Strategic Director for Technology said: "We aim to create a vibrant and dynamic marketplace that increases choice for health and care providers while encouraging competition between a greater number and range of suppliers, including SMEs."

To find out more about HSCN visit the HSCN buying guide on the NHS Digital website.

To find out how to sign up to provide services through HSCN, visit the DPS webpages.


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