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NHS Digital's response to Lord Carter's report

NHS Digital’s Senior Clinical Lead Caron Swinscoe has welcomed Lord Carter’s independent report into how improvements in technology could boost the productivity of mental health and community services around the country.

Caron Swinscoe, herself a highly experienced nurse, said: “Digital technology is a crucial way of accelerating better care for elderly and vulnerable patients. If nurses can use technology in a person’s home to access their records and update them on-the-spot rather than having to return back to the office, then that means more time to spend with patients, accurate and up-to-date records and better outcomes for the patients.

 “NHS Digital backed the RCN’s ‘Every nurse an e-nurse ‘ campaign last year which is all about using technology to drive better ways of working. Staff working in the community will always need to give hands-on-care, and embracing new technology means they have more time to do just that.”

To view the RCN's Every nurse is an e-nurse campaign video:

Every Nurse an eNurse

To read the report:

Lord Carter's review into unwarranted variations in mental health and community health services