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GP appointments data published

The second monthly GP appointments publication has been released, covering figures for November 2018.
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The second monthly GP appointments publication has been released, covering figures for November 2018.

Appointments in General Practice, November 2018 provides information on subjects such as:

  • the number of surgery appointments, home visits, telephone and online consultations
  • type of healthcare professional leading the appointment
  • the number of appointments where a patient did not attend

This publication also includes the time from booking to appointment, broken down into two groups:

  • appointment with a GP
  • appointment with other practice staff (for example, a practice nurse)

The data does not say what is driving a particular pattern in times from booking to appointment as there are several factors that can influence this time, including:

  • patient availability
  • urgency of the appointment
  • GP advice as to when an appointment is needed
  • availability of appointments at the practice
  • regular or repeat appointments that may be booked in advance

Data is available monthly at Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) level for GP practices using the TPP and EMIS systems1

For more information on the caveats around this data, please see our supporting guidance.


Read the full report

Appointments in General Practice, November 2018

Notes to editors

  1. These systems account for approximately 95% of the systems in use in England.  Therefore, where national figures are cited, these have been estimated to 100% using patient list numbers.


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