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First PhD placement

Researcher placements form part of our plans to expand the data services we provide for the research community. We hope these services will enable us to be clearer about the data that's available and to streamline data requests and approval processes. We also aim to find more efficient ways for researchers to interact with our data collections. 

Naomi works in the field of diabetes and data. She wanted to work with the National Diabetes Audit to help find uses for the data beyond auditing diabetes care. 

"The development of my NHS role and associated projects led me further into the academic research world" said Naomi. "Using the National Diabetes Audit as a research dataset was the obvious way forward."

Naomi is working with the Diabetes Audit Analysis team headed up by Principal Information Analyst, Peter Knighton. 

"Naomi was familiar with our data and since she had an application in with us already, we understood her proposal," said Peter. "Our main challenge was having to sort out the Information Governance and IT so that the data could be accessed safely and securely. 

"Our publications and other releases provide a wealth of information for researchers, so it was great to see the record level data being used first-hand." 

NHS Digital Director of Data Science Daniel Ray, welcomed the placement. "We know there's a need for researchers to be provided with more efficient ways of interacting with the data NHS Digital collects. We work so hard to get the data in, so it's our duty to enable it to be used in as many ways as possible to aid further health research."

We'll be updating you on student placements in future editions of our email news bulletin.