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SNOMED CT Implementation - we want to work together

SNOMED CT Implementation – we want to work together

Are you a system supplier with an Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system?  Do you have a requirement to implement SNOMED CT into your product?  Are you experiencing technical or informatic challenges, or lacking clarity as to what is required? 

If so, please register to join our virtual engagement session on Thursday 22 July 2021 at 11am

NHS Digital are seeking to collaborate with multiple stakeholders and increase uptake and coverage of SNOMED CT, specifically across secondary healthcare settings. This is an opportunity for us to listen, and for you to help us to understand what support you require to continue with your SNOMED implementation as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The priority care setting for phase 1 of this work is within Urgent and Emergency Care, specifically focussing on the systems that are in use within Accident and Emergency (A&E).  If you are interested but do not operate within A&E, please still get in touch and visit the registration page as we want to gauge the interest levels in other areas of secondary care.  This includes trusts and other clinical providers aiming to implement SNOMED as well as suppliers.

What’s covered in the session?

Colleagues from NHS Digital will be in attendance, including specialists in SNOMED Implementation. After setting out our aims and priorities, we will facilitate an interactive session to build awareness of the challenges faced with understanding and implementing SNOMED CT and how NHS Digital can best support with adoption of the terminology.

During the session we will pose questions to attendees which are designed to help us understand how we can better support you. All responses will be confidential as we look to identify common themes across the supplier community. 

Using this information, we will be able to develop specific workshops and events, and in addition we aim to provide direct tailored support for each individual organisation who would like to work with us.

Who is this session for?

This session is for all A&E suppliers regardless of where you are on your SNOMED journey.

Are you in the stages of planning, but not sure where to start?

Have you already made good progress within your systems but want assurance that you comply to the requirements of the ISN?

Do you have specific technical challenges that are preventing you from progressing your implementation?

Do you want our help in meeting the contractual requirements of the SNOMED CT Information Standards Notice – SCII0034?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, then this session is designed for you!

How to register your attendance

If you would like to attend the webinar, please register your details here, or use the Book Now button on the top of the page.