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NHS Digital for Registration Authorities (RAs) - Identity and Access Management roadshow


NHS Digital is holding an online roadshow for Registration Authorities (RAs), to talk about the work we’re doing in Identity and Access Management.  

We’ll present an overview of the projects that are coming up, and demonstrate some of our recent products. We’ll also introduce you to our user researchers, and let you know how to get involved in the design of your new products and services. 


The agenda will include the following:

  • introduction - Identity and Access Management, who we are
  • our digital roadmap - what’s coming up and what it means for you
  • product demonstration - new ways of authentication
  • getting involved - how you can learn more about our new services, and get involved in research and design
  • question and answers - in the last half hour, we’ll answer your questions about Identity and Access Management people, products and processes

We look forward to seeing you there.

The Identity and Access Management Team

Recording of session

A recording of the roadshow is now available to view.