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30 July 2021: Community Services Data Set – TPP SystmOne solution to collecting Urgent Community Response (UCR) data webinar

This webinar is for providers using TPP SystmOne for their CSDS submissions and it will provide a brief overview of the NHS Digital support offer, the UCR 2-hour crisis response standard and what information needs to be submitted to CSDS by October 2021.

The session will also include the following presentations: 

  • TPP SystmOne demo of changes that allow for UCR data collection
  • local provider demo using the newly implemented in-built SystmOne solution
  • local provider demo using an alternative workaround solution to collect UCR data

The webinar will be recorded, with a questions and answers session (Q&A) available at the end of the presentations.

To ensure this webinar is beneficial to you, please send your questions via email with the subject 'CSDS – TPP SystmOne solution to UCR webinar' to by Wednesday 28 July 2021.

Video of the webinar