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National Cervical Screening

The National Cervical Screening call/recall system invites  women for a smear test based upon criteria such as age, location, GP and previous test results. Women are invited for a smear test on a three-yearly or five-yearly basis - depending on local policy. 

Before invitations are sent out, GPs receive prior notification lists (PNLs) of women who are eligible for screening. These lists act as a failsafe mechanism, allowing GPs to review who is to be invited for screening. This review ensures that invitations are not sent to women who, for example, may have left the area, or are currently undergoing medical treatment.

The system receives the results back from pathology laboratories, which are forwarded onto the women's own GPs. Depending on the results, women will either be placed into routine recall (and be invited for a smear test in three or five years time), invited for further tests, or will receive medical treatment.

In 2013, the system was expanded to include human papilloma virus (HPV) Primary Screening, including a prototype HPV reporting database.

Document library

icon Cervical Screening System AJ-CRUK - Add Extra Fields: Change Request 5794 [212.0KB]
icon Cervical Screening System DMS user guide [601.03KB]
icon Cervical Screening - Recording and Notifying Results: Specification and User Guide [3.21MB]
icon Cervical Screening - User Reference Manual [2.53MB]
icon Change Request 5281 User Guide [1.49MB]
icon Change Request 4636 – ABC3 User Guide [1.11MB]
icon Cytology PNLs for the Open Exeter system - Screening Department User Guide [259.16KB]
icon Cytology PNLs for the Open Exeter system - Organisation Maintenance Guide [187.15KB]
icon Cytology PNLs for the Open Exeter system - GP user notes [68.08KB]
icon Editfact Messaging Implementation Guidelines [2.14MB]
icon HPV Primary Screening User Guide [1.07MB]
icon Laboratory System Specification [823.44KB]
icon Open Exeter PNL - GP quick reference guide [135.09KB]
icon Setting up new Cervical Screening District [176.34KB]
icon Web-enabled Electronic Notifications Technical Notes [2.21MB]

National Helpdesk Exeter

Email: or phone: 0300 303 4034

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