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Find out about the latest news and events for HSCN.


Regional Webinars to support NHS HSCN migration and procurement plans

The HSCN team will be running a series of webinars providing an opportunity for NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups and Trusts to learn more about their HSCN procurement options and migration plans. These webinars will have region specific content and provide an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about HSCN migration and procurement options in your region.

Please register for the relevant regional webinar listed below. You'll receive an invite by email following registration:







During 2017 the HSCN team ran a series of webinars on:

  • changes surrounding the end of the N3 Agreement and preparing your move to the Health and Social Care Network
  • the HSCN Connection Agreement

For further information on these webinars or to request a copy of the presentations used please email


Confirmation of funding for Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) connectivity

13 June 2017

We've sent confirmation of the funding levels available for NHS organisations during June 2017. More information on HSCN funding allocations can be found on the Connectivity funding page.

HSCN migration timelines

13 June 2017

To ensure timely migration to HSCN connectivity it's vital that organisations confirm their high level procurement plans and progress in line with the migration timetables set out.

We've recently written to all organisations currently connected to the legacy network infrastructure, known as the Transition Network. This requests some basic information that will enable us to work with you and successfully plan and complete the overall migration to new HSCN connectivity services

You can access the HSCN procurement intentions surveys by following the links below:

NHS and public sector

Private sector

If you have a connection to the Transition Network but haven't received this mailing then you're not on our mailing list. Please contact to request a copy and provide us with your contact details for future communications.

Health and Social Care Network awards Transition Network contract

9 March 2017

NHS Digital has awarded a three year contract to British Telecommunications (BT) for the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) Transition Network, which will assist in providing service continuity to N3 users as they move their network connectivity over to HSCN.

The N3 contract ends on 31 March 2017. NHS Digital is currently supporting N3 users to procure and move to HSCN services, which will be available from multiple suppliers.

The HSCN Transition Network provides a stable platform from which to move legacy N3 services to HSCN. It will reduce in size and cost as services are moved to HSCN, until it is no longer required.

HSCN Programme awards Peering Exchange contract

25 January 2017

The HSCN has achieved a major milestone with the award of the Peering Exchange Service contract to Redcentric Solutions Ltd.

The Peering Exchange is a critical component of HSCN and allows the interconnection of multiple supplier networks - enabling HSCN consumers using different network suppliers to reliably communicate.

Redcentric was selected following a competitive procurement process and the contract was awarded for 3 years.

Dermot Ryan, HSCN Programme Director for NHS Digital, said: "We are pleased to have awarded this contract to Redcentric. The Peering Exchange is a critical component of the HSCN infrastructure and the contract is a significant step forward in establishing an HSCN marketplace of assured network services. This marketplace will drive competition amongst suppliers, improve consumer choice, support innovation and deliver value for money. It is an important milestone in the migration from N3 to HSCN and will enable more opportunities for collaboration and support digital transformation which enhances health and social care."

Mo Siddiqi, Redcentric's Chief Operating Officer, added: "We are extremely proud to have been selected to underpin this key NHS Digital initiative. Our selection is due to the dedication and quality of our people and built on the foundation of many years of investment in the public and health care space. We are already one of the largest suppliers of N3 connectivity solutions and set to be amongst the first wave of new Consumer Network Service Providers (CNSPs). We take our responsibility very seriously and are totally committed to delivering this critical infrastructure and service for NHS Digital as part of our ambition to be the most trusted provider of network, cloud and collaboration solutions to NHS Digital and the wider public sector."


HSCN Summit North

The HSCN Summit North hosted by Public Sector Connect will be taking place on 25 October 2017 at the Royal Armouries in Leeds.

The HSCN Summit provides an excellent opportunity for health and social care representatives to talk with the organisations that will be delivering HSCN network services and supporting migration from the Transition Network to HSCN.

For further details, and to register to attend the event please visit the HSCN Summit North website.

HSCN September 2016 Roadshows

During September 2016 we hosted a series of regional roadshows to support health and social care organisations prepare their migration from N3 services to new network arrangements for health and social care.

The full day events were aimed at existing N3 customers, specifically those responsible for commissioning network and ICT services on behalf of health and social care organisations. You can icon download the delegate pack [637.1KB] for more information.

Each roadshow covered:

If you've missed out on these roadshows and would be interested in future events, please let us know by emailing

Have a question? Call us on 0300 303 5678 or contact

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