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Health and Social Care Network

The Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) will provide a reliable, efficient and flexible way for health and care organisations to access and exchange electronic information.

Become an HSCN supplier
The HSCN programme is moving away from traditional long, single supplier contracts in order to create a marketplace of network options for health and social care organisations.

News and events
Browse our news and events page to find:

  • dates of upcoming HSCN interactive webinars
  • dates and locations of upcoming HSCN roadshows
  • the latest HSCN project news and updates

The Benefits of HSCN

The HSCN replaces the current centrally managed N3 national private network. Instead, HSCN offers a standards-based network that will enable multiple suppliers to provide interoperable network services to health and social care organisations.

Read more about HSCN, the key principles of its design and about the N3 service it replaces.

The HSCN offers a number of benefits over the existing N3 private network, such as:

  • a competitive marketplace that encourages innovation, driving down cost and increasing quality
  • offering a choice of suppliers and procurement options to suit your needs
  • enabling easier connectivity through a simpler 'Connection Agreement'

Read more about migrating from N3 and obtaining HSCN services

New Customers

If you don't already have an existing service but are interested in understanding more about HSCN please contact us at

HSCN suppliers

To register your interest in becoming a supplier of HSCN services please contact, or find out more on our HSCN Connectivity Suppliers or Central Services Supplier page.

Suppliers in the HSCN environment fall into two categories.

HSCN Connectivity Suppliers
Information for network suppliers seeking to sell HSCN Wide Area Network Connectivity services to health and social care organisations.

HSCN customers can find details of HSCN assured connectivity suppliers on our migrating to HSCN page.

HSCN Central Services Suppliers
ICT suppliers seeking to provide services in support of the following capabilities:

  • Peering Network Exchange
  • Advanced Network Monitoring
  • Network Analytics Services

Engage with HSCN

Find out how best to Engage with HSCN if you're an existing N3 customer, a new customer or a supplier.

Quick contacts

General HSCN enquiries - email
Media enquiries - contact our Press Office on 0300 303 3888 or email
N3 enquiries - Legacy N3 customers can contact the BT helpdesk on 0800 085 0503 (select option 3) for information about existing network services.

Migrating to HSCN: Advice for health and social care providers

We'll help N3 customers plan their migration to HSCN.

HSCN Connectivity Suppliers

HSCN is a standards-based 'network of networks' that has the effect of a single network

News and events

Find out about the latest news and events for HSCN.

About HSCN

The Health and Social Care Network will enable health and social care organisations to access and share information more reliably, flexibly and efficiently.

Connectivity funding

HSCN connectivity funding arrangements will support the adoption of network services.

Engage with HSCN

Find out how best to get in touch with HSCN if you're an existing N3 customer, a new customer or a supplier

HSCN Central Service Suppliers

This section is for suppliers interested in providing services to the HSCN programme.

Connecting to HSCN

The HSCN Connection Agreement sets out the things HSCN customers must do before and whilst using the HSCN.

Have a question? Call us on 0300 303 5678 or contact

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