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Onboarding process for APIs

Find out how to onboard software before it goes live.


For some of our APIs you need to get your software approved by us before it can go live. We call this software onboarding. The onboarding process includes an assurance process that can sometimes be quite long, so it’s worth planning well ahead.

To find out about onboarding for a particular API, read its API specification in our API catalogue.


Information to follow.

Onboard an HL7 V3 API

For HL7 V3 APIs onboarding involves an agreed assurance process which includes the Common Assurance Process (CAP) and Target Operating Models (TOM). The CAP differs for each service. For example, the PDS CAP differs from the EPS CAP.

A compliant API is awarded with First Of Type (FOT) by NHS Digital. 

Last edited: 26 March 2020 8:56 am