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GP Connect - FHIR APIs

Share information between GP clinical systems and with other healthcare organisations using our GP Connect FHIR APIs. 


Use these APIs to share information between GP clinical systems and with other healthcare organisations. For example, a patient record or appointment data can be shared between the clinical system of a patient's registered GP and other GP practices, or NHS 111.

You can:

  • view the patient’s GP practice record (HTML)
  • book an appointment at a patient's GP practice or another site and manage these appointments 
  • retrieve structured information about a patient from their GP Practice record
  • retrieve documents from the patient’s GP Practice record
  • send a document to a GP Practice system

For more details, see the GP Connect specifications for developers.

API status

GP Connect Access Record HTML API (v0.7.3) is stable.

GP Connect Appointments Management, Access Record Structured, Access Document APIs (v1.5.0) is in beta.

GP Connect Messaging API containing Send Document (1.3.0) is in beta.


These APIs are FHIR APIs.

For more details, see FHIR.


For a full list of interactions for these APIs, see:

For details on the general structure of the interactions, see FHIR.

Last edited: 8 January 2021 10:46 am