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Virtual data assistant

The virtual data assistant (ViDA) was an experimental interactive tool that users could 'chat' to. It helped users find published NHS Digital data, and can answer questions about our data and information processes. The proof-of-concept has now finished, and the tool is no longer available.

What the assistant does

The virtual data assistant is a chat bot that you can ask questions about NHS Digital's data and information.

You can ask it questions about:

  • information on data we publish
  • health statistics and indicators
  • the process for accessing data

For example, you can ask questions like "can you show me data about A&E waiting times?" or "what is a data access request?".


What the assistant cannot do

The assistant is only able to help with questions about data and information from NHS Digital.

It cannot provide health advice, or answer questions about any individual's data. If you need medical advice, speak to a health professional or call NHS 111.

Last edited: 15 January 2020 12:49 pm