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Provisional October 2020 Mental Health Statistics

Mental health monthly statistics based on Provisional October 2020 data
Date published:
8 December 2020

Information related to

Request received

Request received for early release of Mental Health statistics based on Provisional October 2020 Mental Health Services Dataset (MHSDS) data to aid understanding of the impact of COVID-19 on mental health services.

Our response

Care should be taken when interpreting these statistics as the data quality of provisional data is not as complete as performance data and it will cover a lower set of providers. As such the data will be limited to providing a large sample of provider activity across the country but not a full national picture. This is because provisional data is based on the initial submission from providers to the MHSDS. The submission process encourages one month for an initial submission and a second month for more complete submissions where data quality and completeness can be improved. There is no obligation to provide the primary submission and so a number of providers provide a single submission in the second month. The earlier primary submission is used to provide more timely information on service activity.

The usual, accompanying data quality and guidance information is not included here. This information will be published alongside these statistics (and others) in the Mental Health Services Monthly Statistics Performance September, Provisional October 2020 publication released Thursday 10/12/2020.

For Provisional October 2020, 72 hour follow-up measures (MHS78, MHS79 and MHS80) have not been released at the time of publication. 

For Provisional October 2020, the monthly outputs, Access and Waiting Times measures (ED32, all EIPxx, MHS32 quarterly) have not been released at the time of publication.  This means the measures have been removed from the monthly csv files, and the standalone Access and Waiting Times Reference Tables have not been published. 

For Provisional October 2020, the quarterly output, Mental Health Services Selected NHS England Measures have not been published. 

These will be made available as soon as our investigations are complete.  NHS Digital apologises for any inconvenience caused. 

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