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[MI] Rapid Cancer Registration Data


The rapid cancer registration dataset (RCRD) is aimed at supporting near-real time analysis of cancer data, introduced to support the public health response to COVID-19 by NHS England and other agencies.

The data is based on a rapid processing of cancer registration data sources, in particular on Cancer Outcomes and Services Dataset (COSD) information. This rapid dataset provides a quicker, indicative source of cancer data compared to the gold-standard registration process, which relies on additional data sources, enhanced follow-up with trusts and expert processing by cancer registration officers. Due to the lower quality of the RCRD, the data will not match the eventual official statistics published from the national cancer registration data.

RCRD contains proxy tumour registrations and some associated clinical event-based data (e.g. surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy), from January 2018 onwards.


RCRD data is released in a dashboard which is updated on a monthly basis. All data in the dashboard is refreshed each time, using the latest data available.

The dashboard publishes monthly data on:

  • number of cancer diagnoses,
  • early-stage proportion,
  • treatment (tumour resection, chemotherapy and radiotherapy) proportions, and
  • surgical tumour resection procedures.

It provides data for England, or by cancer alliance or integrated care board (ICB).

Data for England is also provided broken down by demographic groups (gender, age, deprivation, ethnicity, stage, route to diagnosis).

Key Facts

The most recent release includes updated diagnoses data, up to December 2023.

It was released on 28 March 2024.

Compared to the previous release, this release provides additional chemotherapy and radiotherapy data,

for chemotherapy received up to August 2023 and radiotherapy received up to January 2024 (for diagnoses to December 2023).      

This month, the dashboard has been developed

to add data by integrated care board (ICB) and present the early-stage proportion data based on 12-month rolling periods.

Last edited: 27 March 2024 5:57 pm