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General Practice Workforce - 30 June 2020

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Clinical Commissioning Groups, GP practices, Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships, Regional health body, Clinical Commissioning Regions
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30 Sep 2015 to 30 Jun 2020


This quarterly report presents data about GPs, Nurses, Direct Patient Care and Admin/Non-Clinical staff working in General Practice in England, along with information on their patients and practices.

In the General Practice Workforce 30 September 2019 publication, released 28 November 2019, we produced a revised General Practice Workforce time series incorporating improvements in the estimation methodology and in the collection of GP registrar and GP locum data. The revised time series figures are not comparable with earlier figures published prior to 28 November 2019 and therefore all the figures released in the General Practice Workforce 30 September 2019 publication and later publications supersede the earlier releases, all of which we have archived and advise should no longer be used.

Information about the contents of this publication and how it can and cannot be used, can be found in the Report tab. Our publication includes information on recent and planned changes as well as highlighting future developments. We are continually working to improve our publication to ensure the components are as useful and relevant as possible for our users.

Currently, we are reviewing the contents of the General Practice Workforce series, to rationalise the content of the files produced and identify areas for improvement. In May, we published our proposals for the first changes which are coming into effect in this publication with the introduction of a new, consistent, standard set of Bulletin Tables for all reporting periods which will form the core of each publication. These new tables replace the spreadsheets previously published for March and September data, and the four high-level staff group tables that we used to publish for June and December. This means that the same content will be included in the main Bulletin Tables for every release.

Information on the next phase of changes - to come into effect in the next publication of September 2020 workforce data - can be found in the Notice of Changes tab. We welcome feedback from all our users on these proposals, by email to:

From the publication of September 2020 data, we will also be moving from publishing quarterly data to publishing monthly data. We will aim to publish the new monthly publications as close to the end of the month following extraction as possible, and a clearer timetable will be produced as the production stabilises.

Various data breakdowns are available in the accompanying Excel and CSV files, including time series and breakdowns by characteristics such as age and gender. Data is also presented regionally and at practice level for June 2020 in the accompanying CSVs.

This publication also features an interactive dashboard which allows users to explore the underlying data in a variety of ways. This can be accessed by clicking on the dashboard link below.

Links to other publications presenting healthcare workforce information can be found under Related Links.

Key Facts

Latest figures, for 30 June 2020:

Image for infographic Full-Time Equivalent
Full-Time Equivalent

is a standardised measure of the workload of an employed person and allows for the total workforce workload to be expressed as the equivalent number of full-time staff. 1.0 FTE equates to full-time work of 37.5 hours per week, an FTE of 0.5 would equate to 18.75 hours per week.

Image for infographic All GPs
All GPs

33,515 Full-time equivalent  (1.8% (600) fewer than June 2019)

Image for infographic Fully qualified GPs (excludes Registrars)
Fully qualified GPs (excludes Registrars)

27,605 Full-time equivalent  (2.3% (651) fewer than June 2019)

Image for infographic Qualified permanent GPs (excludes Registrars and Locums)
Qualified permanent GPs (excludes Registrars and Locums)

26,435 Full-time equivalent  (1.9% (506) fewer than June 2019)

Image for infographic Nurses

16,774 Full-time equivalent  (2.6% (426) more than June 2019)

Image for infographic Direct patient care staff
Direct patient care staff

14,367 Full-time equivalent  (9.1% (1,199) more than June 2019)

Image for infographic Admin / non-clinical staff
Admin / non-clinical staff

68,657 Full-time equivalent  (2.2% (1,495) more than June 2019)

These figures include estimates for practices not providing complete and/or valid data. The percentage of practices requiring full or partial estimates are shown in Table 1 in the Report tab.

Comments and feedback are welcomed by NHS Digital, via (clearly stating GP Workforce as the subject heading) or 0300 303 5678.

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