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LBOI Indicator 1.10 - Percentage of under 16 year olds living in families receiving means tested benefits

Date Range:
01 Jan 2001 to 31 Dec 2009
Publication Date:
Geographic Coverage:
Geographical Granularity:
Local Authorities


Growing up in poverty damages children’s health and well-being, adversely affecting their future health and life chances as adults. Ensuring a good environment in childhood, especially early childhood, is important. A considerable body of evidence links adverse childhood circumstances to poor child health outcomes and future child ill health. Adverse outcomes include higher rates of: mortality from accidents, poor dental health, child mortality, low educational attainment, low birth weight, childhood obesity, school exclusions, infant mortality, teenage pregnancy, some infections, substance misuse and mental ill health. By international standards the comparative picture of child poverty in the UK has been poor. International variation in child poverty levels show that child poverty is not inevitable. In other countries experiencing demographic changes and economic pressures to the UK, children have been protected from escalating child poverty by social policy favouring progressive taxation and higher spending on social protection for children. Eradicating child poverty is now a national target.

This indicator has been discontinued and so there will be no further updates.

Legacy unique identifier: P01087