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Cervical screening programme 2017-18 [NS]

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Cervical screening programme 2017-18 [NS]

Update 19 July 2019: NHS Digital have been made aware of errors or omissions in the CSV files relating to Tables 9a and 18. This data has now been replaced. Please note, the original data contained within the Excel data tables file was correct. Only the csv files mentioned were incorrect.

Women between the ages of 25 and 64 are invited for regular cervical screening under the NHS Cervical Screening Programme. This is intended to detect abnormalities within the cervix that could, if undetected and untreated, develop into cervical cancer. This report presents information about the NHS Cervical Screening Programme in England in 2017-18 and includes data on the call and recall system, on screening samples examined by pathology laboratories and on referrals to colposcopy clinics.

Key facts

Screening coverage for women aged 25-64 fell to 71.4% in 2017-18
4.46 million women aged 25-64 were invited for screening in 2017-18
Please note: An incident has been identified in relation to invitation letters sent. Details here and page 6 of the Quality Statement. An investigation is underway which should clarify the impact on the invitation statistics and a short update will be provided on the publication landing page once this has been clarified.
3.18 million women aged 25-64 were tested


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