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Cervical Screening Programme - England, 2011-2012

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United Kingdom
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Country, Strategic Health Authorities, Primary Care Organisations
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01 Apr 2011 to 31 Mar 2012


This report presents information about the NHS Cervical Screening Programme in England in 2011-12 and includes data about the call and recall system, screening samples examined by pathology laboratories and referrals to colposcopy clinics.

11 November 2014:

Subsequent to publication on 18 October 2012 the following minor errors have been identified in Table 1 of the Excel file:

Table 1 - 2011, women with high-grade abnormalities (20-64 years) and percentage of samples found inadequate (25-64 years)

The HSCIC has reissued the figures in Table 1 in the Excel tables file, and apologises for any inconvenience caused.

17 July 2013:

Subsequent to publishing this report on 18th October 2012 a number of changes to table 18a on outcomes of gynaecological referrals were identified as being needed. These are detailed in the Errata note above. The HSCIC apologises for any inconvenience caused.

Key facts

  • At 31 March 2012, the percentage of eligible women (aged 25 to 64) who were recorded as screened at least once in the previous 5 years (coverage) was 78.6 per cent. Five year coverage has remained unchanged from 31 March 2011 when it was also 78.6 per cent. Coverage five years ago in 2007 was 79.2 per cent and ten years ago in 2002 was 81.6 per cent.
  • 'Time from screening to receipt of results' is defined as the interval between the date the sample was taken from the woman and the date she received her result letter and is measured using an expected delivery date. In 2011-12, 95.2 per cent of result letters sent by PCOs were reported to have an expected delivery date of within 2 weeks of the sample being taken, a considerable increase from 2010-11 when the percentage was 78.9 per cent.
  • The number of women aged 25 to 64 invited for screening increased by 363,756 (8.4 per cent) in 2011-12, taking the total number of women invited in this age group to 4.7 million. A total of 3.6 million women aged 25-64 were tested in 2011-12, an increase of 6.3 per cent from 2010-11 when 3.4 million were tested.
  • In 2011-12, 147,889 referrals to colposcopy were reported, an increase of 3.4 per cent from 2010-11 (142,984 referrals).


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