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Appointments in General Practice- Weekly MI

Change in Methodology

From 21 October 2021 counts for historic data have been revised as a change in methodology has updated the historic counts for some practices.

From the 21 October 2021 we have removed the inclusion criteria for practices that requires them to have at least 1 appointment per patient per year, as we cannot accurately calculate this on a weekly basis and it was causing large fluctuations in the data. 

This change means that the figures presented here in the weekly MI report will not match those published as part of the monthly experimental statistics release.

21 October 2021 09:30 AM

Data Quality Note

Data published on 11/11/2021 and subsequent releases includes COVID booster vaccinations therefore there will be some differences to counts of COVID vaccinations delivered by practice/PCN if comparing to previous versions of this publication.

11 November 2021 09:30 AM


The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is having major effects on how GP practices manage their workload, following requests from users we are releasing this management information to provide greater transparency and more timely data from our General Practice Appointments Data collection. This release includes data from the week beginning 27th May 2019 to the latest data available - the intention is to publish this data weekly to support primary care services during COVID-19 and allow for comparison with previous years.

Data is collected from GP systems which are designed for practices to use in everyday work and not for the purpose of data analysis. There are no national standards for data entry about activity and there is widespread variation in approach to appointment management between practices. This means that there are variations in data quality between practices.

This information does not give a complete view of GP activity so should not be used to infer a view of workload. The data presented only contains information which was captured on the GP practice systems. This limits the activity reported on and does not represent all work happening within a primary care setting or assess the complexity of activity.

These management information data may show slight differences if compared to the monthly official statistics subsequently released due to data cleansing processes applied.

For complete data quality notes, please see GP Appointments Supporting Information document.

We welcome user feedback on this release as we look to develop it in line with user needs. Please email

The following two files form this management information release. There is also a metadata document to assist with interpretation of the csv files.

Summary tables, Weekly MI, England

this file contains summary tables, including appointment counts and breakdowns, for information included in the data files

Weekly MI, England

this file contains appointment counts and breakdowns by CCG, status, healthcare professional, mode and time between booking and appointment date for all participating practices in England

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