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1B - Proportion of people who use services who have control over their daily life

Date Range:
01 Apr 2018 to 31 Mar 2019
Publication Date:
Next Publication Date:
12 Dec 2019
Geographic Coverage:
Geographical Granularity:
Local Authorities, Councils with Adult Social Services Responsibilities (CASSRs)


This measure shows the proportion of service users who have control over their daily life, and is calculated from data collected in the Adult Social Care Survey.

The relevant question drawn from the Adult Social Care Survey is Question 3a: "Which of the following statements best describes how much control you have over your daily life?".

A key objective of the drive to make care and support more personalised is that support more closely matches the needs and wishes of the individual, putting service users of services in control of their care and support. Therefore, asking service users of care and support about the extent to which they feel in control of their daily lives is one means of measuring whether this outcome is being achieved.

Legacy unique identifier: P01508