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Compendium – Mortality from potentially avoidable or amenable causes

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England, Wales
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Country, Regions, County, Local Authorities, London Authorities


To help reduce deaths from causes considered amenable to health care.

Causes of death are included if there is evidence that they are amenable to healthcare interventions and – given timely, appropriate, and high quality care – death rates should be low among the age groups specified. Healthcare intervention includes preventing disease onset as well as treating disease.

Two additional indicators are provided: ‘Mortality from causes considered amenable to health care (exc. ischaemic heart disease)’ and ‘Mortality from causes other than those considered amenable to health care’. The difference between amenable and non-amenable causes in their trends over time may provide evidence of the increasing (or decreasing) effectiveness of health care.

For information on the definitions of what these indicators include, please see the relevant specification.

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