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NHS Digital data and information strategy

The NHS Digital data and information strategy, signed off by the board in November 2016, aims to enable the health and care system to provide the best possible services and to achieve world class health outcomes.

Download the NHS Digital data and information strategy

Executive Director of Information and Analytics, Professor David Hughes, says: "The mission the strategy sets out is to empower the health and care system to be intelligent in the way it uses data and information to drive improvements in health and care, by delivering world class data and analytics services through the highest level of skills, expertise, tools, techniques and technology."

Better data, better access

Constraints on care resources, coupled with an ageing population and the concurrent increased demand for services, are placing existing health and social care services under increasing strain. There is also a desperate need for health and care services to be better integrated and for people to better manage their own health and wellbeing.

Director of Transformation in Information and Analytics, Matt Neligan, says: "NHS Digital has a crucial role to play in responding to these challenges as access to better and more available data and information will help to improve the way in which health and care services are consumed and delivered.

"It's clear that NHS Digital has a critical role - with the right consents and the right levels of safety and security - to collect, link and share data to help the health and care system generate the information and insight to improve health and care outcomes for all."

Matt, who led the development of the strategy, says: "The strategy provides us with a foundation to deliver high class services consistently and innovatively in order to improve healthcare outcomes. The hope is that it will push and stimulate the market place to add value and provide thought leadership." 

Who the strategy is for

NHS Digital colleagues are a key audience for the strategy. Matt Neligan says: "To meet the demands of our customers we must invest in our staff. We will do this by supporting our employees to apply the highest level of skill to our data and information services. We will train and equip our workforce not only to respond to customer needs but also empower them to innovate and offer thought leadership in this field.

"Ultimately", he says, "We want our staff to get the right data and information into the hands of those who use it to make a difference and improve care and health outcomes. To achieve this we need to collaborate with our external partners, innovate with our products and services and stimulate the market with thought leadership." 

NHS Digital's partners across the health and care system are also a key audience. Our customers and those using data to make a difference to day-to-day services in the health and care system will benefit from this strategy. The strategy sets out our approach to building confidence in our ability to engage with these important partners and to design and deliver the services that they need to help provide great care and improved health outcomes.

Director of Data Science, Daniel Ray, has worked on the strategy's development and is leading many of the new technical developments within the strategy. He says: "The strategy will shift the focus more to the use of information to drive improvement in quality, efficiency and outcomes. We want to provide an interactive and web-based analytics service on the data we hold. Enabling the market to focus on added value and increased innovation to support the health system."

This strategy is owned by NHS Digital and complements the system wide approach developed through the National Information Board Paperless 2020 agenda.

First published: December 2016

Last edited: 11 April 2018 5:34 pm