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Information governance networks

The IGA is supporting networks of information governance professionals and Caldicott Guardians across England.

Your local Strategic Information Governance Network (SIGN)

The IGA is building networks of information governance (IG) professionals across England. We support groups of IG professionals to meet with one another in their local areas and network. There are already many region-wide networks with many smaller groups across the country, and we're working with health and care contacts to identify areas and sectors that aren't yet represented.

The networks are led by IG professionals, so the topics discussed at meetings are always relevant to those attending. Networks also benefit from the support of engagement with the IGA and external IG delivery teams and groups chairs are invited to quarterly meetings to for updates on national work and to feed back on local issues. Our aim is to help reduce isolation at a local level by supporting peer engagement. The networks give you the chance to speak to people who can assist with the information governance agenda and engage on key issues.

To find a network in your area please see our Strategic Information Governance Network map or contact us.

If you work in an IG role with health or social care and would like support in starting or further developing a network, please email us.

The Caldicott Guardian network

The UK Caldicott Guardian Council is supporting the development of local groups of Caldicott Guardians across the UK. To find a network in your area please visit their website.

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