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Standards assurance activity

A summary of standards assurance activity being presented to upcoming meetings of the Data Alliance Partnership Board (DAPB).

Assurance of national information standards and data collections (including extractions) for health and adult social care in England, known collectively as ISCE, is undertaken by a dedicated team within NHS Digital (the Data Standards Assurance Service - DSAS).

Scrutiny of the DSAS assurance is carried out by the Data Alliance Partnership Board (DAPB). The Board meets on a monthly basis to review and approve assurance of ISCE (both new and changes) at:

  • Initial stage: an initial stage assessment report provides an overview of a proposal for a new, or change to an existing ISCE, and requests DAPB approval to proceed with assurance of the ISCE
  • Final stage: a final stage assessment report summarises the assurance and appraisal activity that has been carried out against the ISCE and requests DAPB final approval.

Upcoming DAPB meetings

The information below shows upcoming Data Alliance Partnership Board meeting dates and the ISCE in the ‘Final’ stage of assurance that are due to submitted to the Board at each date.

Note that this information represents live assurance activity and although these items are currently scheduled for future Boards, target meeting dates may change during assurance. 

DAPB, 26 May 2022

Reference Title ISCE  ISCE type Summary
DAPB4005 Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (EPMA) Data Standard and a Collection New Proposal for an information standard to standardise information captured in hospital EPMA systems for medicines prescribed and administered to patients in England.
DAPB1595 Neonatal Data Set Standard and a Collection Change Application to convert an existing ISB information standard for publication by DAPB under the Health and Social Care Act 2012.
DAPB0090 Health and Social Care Organisation Reference Data Standard Change This change uplifts the existing Fundamental Standard for Health and Social Care Organisation Reference Data to align with organisational changes being introduced through the Health and Care Bill.
DAPB3037 Cancer Patient Tracking List (PTL) Collection Change     
Proposal for changes to include more granularity around 7 day and 28 day milestones, as well as moving from "decision to treat" to "patient informed of cancer diagnosis".
DAPB3029 NHS 111 Patient Experience Survey Collection Change Proposal for changes to this ongoing patient experience survey to remove questions no longer nationally required.
DAPB3048 Workforce Disability Equality Standard (WDES) Collection Change Proposal for a number of small changes to the data set to improve clarity, including 13 minor changes to existing questions, and three new questions to be added to the data set. 

DAPB, 23 June 2022

Reference Title ISCE  ISCE type Summary
SCCI2075 Assessment, Discharge and Withdrawal Notices between Hospitals and Social Services Standard Retirement Proposal to retire this information standard.

DAPB, 28 July 2022

Reference Title ISCE  ISCE type Summary
DAPB4004 Global Medical Device Nomenclature (GMDN) Standard New Proposal for the adoption of the Global Medical Device Nomenclature (GMDN) as an approved information standard for health and care.
DAPB4019 Reasonable Adjustment Flag Standard New Proposal for the Reasonable Adjustment Flag to be mandated as a national information standard. The Flag, held on the Spine, enables health and care professionals to record, share and view details of reasonable adjustments across the NHS, wherever the person is treated.
DAPB4066 Social Prescribing Information Standard Standard New Proposal for a record standard to support information capture and sharing of social prescribing activity,
DAPB4059 Greener NHS Food Data Collection Collection New The Greener NHS Food Data Collection has been created to provide a reporting baseline for food-related carbon emissions and to understand the challenges associated with reducing carbon emissions from food.​

Publication activity

Following DAPB approval of an item at 'Final' stage, publication documents for the ISCE will be issued.

You can view recent publication activity on our publication pages or if you would like to be kept informed of our publication activity you can join our mailing list


Contact us

This page is updated on a monthly basis following each DAPB meeting. If you have any queries and would like to speak to one of our assurance advisors about any of the information on this page please contact us at

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