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SCCI2036: Palliative Care Clinical Data Set

Find out about the SCCI2036: Palliative Care Clinical Data Set. This data set is no longer in development.

SCCI issued an Advance Notification for this proposed data set on 9 September 2015. This Advance Notification proposed that the data set would be collected from July 2016.

A recent Joint statement from NHS England and Public Health England: update on development of the Palliative Care Clinical Data Set and Palliative Care Currencies notes that resource constraints mean it is no longer possible to pursue the development of a centrally managed national data collection / information standard. It also notes that work continues on the development of a model for palliative care funding and NHS England will later this year be publishing the definitive set of palliative care currencies.

On this basis, SCCI has accepted the withdrawal of the published Advance Notification but will continue to work with NHS England to investigate how the work undertaken to date on the development of this data set can be best used, locally, for clinical, commissioning and business intelligence purposes. Therefore at the moment there will be no central collection of data as previously envisaged.

Should NHS England choose to reinstate the development of the national information standard and central collection of data, SCCI will issue an update to that effect.

Last edited: 6 July 2018 1:47 pm