SCCI1538: Chlamydia Testing Activity Dataset (CTAD)


This data set aims to enable comprehensive collection of robust data from laboratories on all chlamydia testing carried out in England, in order to estimate population screening coverage rates at local level.

About this information standard

In addition the standard will enable improved understanding of the epidemiology of the infection in England and the impact that the National Chlamydia Screening Programme has on this.

Update 17 June 2015:The latest release (SCCI1538 Amd 13/2014) was published on 17 December 2014. Since then an error has been identified and the Corrigendum (below) lists the error and the correction; this should be read alongside the Dataset Specification and Technical Guidance. The corrigendum will be incorporated in the next release of this information standard.

Note that this information standard was accepted by SCCI under transitional provisions from the Information Standards Board for Health and Social Care (ISB). It has not yet been accepted for publication under the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

Current release

Release date 17/12/2014
Release number Amd 13/2014
Release title 2014 Changes
Stage Maintenance
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