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DCB0092-2062 : Commissioning Data Sets: Emergency Care Data Set

Type 011: Emergency Care Data Set (ECDS) is the Commissioning Data Set (CDS) Type for emergency care services.

About this information standard

The Emergency Care Data Set (ECDS) enables the capture of information about:

  • the complexity and acuity of attending patients
  • the causes of rising demand
  • the value added by emergency departments.

It also allows for:

  • the capture of diagnostic data to ensure an enhanced understanding of need, activity and outcomes
  • consistent monitoring of data across local and national initiatives
  • support for injury surveillance, such that it will be possible to identify patterns that may be amenable to targeted interventions and improved public health.

This information standard is published under section 250 of the Health and Social Care Act 2012. An Information Standards Notice (see below) provides an overview of scope and implementation timescales, and the other listed documents provide further detail for those who have to implement the information standard.

Current release

Release date 10/09/2020
Release number Amd 19/2020
Release title CDS Version 6.2.3 Type 011
Stage  Implementation
Key documents 
Supporting documents
Note ISB 0092 is the overarching information standard for the Commissioning Data Sets, refer to this for submission of existing CDS types. 

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