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NHS Standard Contract: Approved Collections

The NHS Standard Contract is mandated by NHS England for use by commissioners for all contracts for healthcare services other than primary care. One component of the Contract, Schedule 6A.1, requires commissioned service providers to submit data when national data collections are appropriate to their services, and are specified in the Data Coordination Board (DCB) Schedule of Approved Collections.


This Schedule, part of the NHS Standard Contract, is managed by the Data Standards Assurance Service (DSAS) within NHS Digital.

It comprises those collections which have either been approved by the Data Coordination Board (DCB) or been through a full burden assessment by the former Review of Central Returns (ROCR) and Burden Advice and Assessment Service (BAAS) functions within NHS Digital.

A short form of the current Schedule is shown below. The full form, with contract service categories, is available for download. The Schedule is updated on a monthly basis following DCB meetings and the approval of new collections.

Note that providers do have other information responsibilities under the NHS Standard Contract, including the need to conform to all NHS information standards notices (ISNs) as appropriate. You can check the full list of current ISNs in the DCB Directory of Standards and Collections

Advice and support

If you have any questions about the content of the DCB Schedule, email:

If you have any questions about the NHS Standard Contract, email:

Schedule of Approved Collections (short form)

Title Owning organisation Information
Aggregate Contract Monitoring NHS England DCB2050 Guidance (NHS England)
Ambulance Quality Indicators: Clinical Outcomes NHS England DCB3028-01 Guidance and Data (NHS England)
Ambulance Quality Indicators: Systems Indicators NHS England DCB3028-02 Guidance and Data (NHS England)
Antibiotic Consumption Data NHS England DCB3063 Guidance (NHS England)
Assuring Transformation NHS England SCCI2007 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Breast and Cosmetic Implant Registry   Department of Health and Social Care SCCI2132 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Breast Screening Programme Data Set (KC63 and KC62) Public Health England ISB 1597 Guidance (Public Health England)
British Society of Surgery of the Hand (BSSH) Audit (UK National Hand Registry) British Society of Surgery of the Hand (BSSH) DCB2196 Guidance (BSSH Members Area)
Cancer Outcomes and Services Dataset Public Health England DCB1521 Guidance (Public Health England)
Cancer Patient Experience Survey NHS England DCB2116 Guidance (NHS England)
Cancer Patient Tracking List 62-Day NHS England DCB3037 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Cataract Data Set The Royal College of Ophthalmologists ISB 0085 (ISB website)
Central Alerting System: Patient Safety Alert Compliance Data Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency R00190 Data (NHS Improvement)
Children and Young People (CYP) with an Eating Disorder Referral to Treatment Times (RTT) NHS England SCCI2185 Guidance (NHS England)
Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) 360ยบ Stakeholder Survey NHS England DCB2096 Guidance (NHS England)
Commissioning Data Sets (CDS) NHS England ISB 0092 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Community Services Data Set NHS England and NHS Improvement DCB1069 Guidance (NHS Digital)
CQC Provider Survey Care Quality Commission DCB3030 Data (Care Quality Commission)
CQUIN Consolidated Data Collection  NHS England DCB2239 Guidance (NHS England)
CRANE Database NHS England R01090 Guidance (Cleft Registry and Audit NEtwork)
Critical Care Minimum Data Set NHS England ISB 0153 (ISB website)
Daily Hospital Situation Reports NHS Improvement R00357 Guidance (NHS Improvement)
Database for the National Latent Tuberculosis Screening Programme in New Migrants from High-incidence Countries Public Health England SCCI2108 Guidance (Public Health England)
Delayed Transfers of Care (DTOC) NHS England DCB3032 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Dementia Assessment and Referral NHS England DCB3035 Guidance and Data (NHS England)
Devices Patient Level Contract Monitoring NHS England DCB3002 Guidance (NHS England)
Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Data Set Public Health England ISB 0073 (ISB website)
Diagnostic Imaging Data Set NHS England SCCI1577 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Diagnostics Waiting Times and Activity Data Collection NHS England DCB0103-01 Guidance and Data (NHS England)
Digital Maturity Data Set NHS England SCCI2099 Guidance (NHS England)
Direct Access Audiology Waiting Times NHS England DCB0127 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Drugs Patient Level Contract Monitoring NHS England DCB2212 Guidance (NHS England)
Emergency Care Data Set (CDS Version 6.2.1: Type 011) NHS England DCB0092-2062 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Estates Return Information Collection (ERIC) NHS Improvement DCB2083 Guidance (NHS Digital)
EU Exit data collection NHS England and NHS Improvement DCB3073 Guidance (NHS England and NHS Improvement)
Female Genital Mutilation Enhanced Data set Department of Health and Social Care SCCI2026 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Fill Rate Indicator Return, Staffing, Nursing, Midwifery, Allied Health Professional and Care Staff NHS England and NHS Improvement DCB2039 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Friends and Family Test NHS England DCB2054 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Genetic Testing Rates NHS England SCCI2035 Data (NHS Digital)
Hospital and Community Health Services Written Complaints Collection (KO41a) Department of Health and Social Care SCCI2125 Guidance (NHS Digital)
IAPT Workforce Census NHS England  SCCI2010 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Data Set NHS England DCB1520 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Integrated Urgent Care Aggregate Data Collection NHS England DCB3031 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Junior Doctors Rota Notification NHS Improvement DCB3042 Guidance (NHS Digital)
KH03: Bed Availability and Occupancy NHS England DCB1576 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Learning Disability Transformation Indicators NHS England DCB3014 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Long Length of Stay Discharge Patient Tracking List NHS Improvement DCB3079 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Maternal, new born and infant clinical outcome review programme Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) R00374 Guidance (MBRRACE-UK)
Maternity Services Data Set NHS England DCB1513 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Medical Revalidation Annual Organisational Audit NHS England and NHS Improvement DCB3077 Guidance (NHS England and NHS Improvement)
Mental Health Services Data Set NHS England DCB0011 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Mixed-Sex Accommodation NHS England DCB1573 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Monthly Activity Return NHS England DCB3023-01 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Monthly Situation Report - Emergency Care NHS England DCB1607 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Monthly Situation Reports:  Critical Care and Urgent Operations Cancelled NHS England DCB3025 Guidance (NHS Digital)
National Cancer Waiting Times Monitoring Data Set NHS England DCB0147 Guidance (NHS Digital)
National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Homicide by People with Mental Illness Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) R00293 Guidance (NCISH)
National Diabetes Audit (Core) NHS England DCB2235-01 Guidance (NHS Digital)
National Diabetes Footcare Audit NHS England DCB2235-03 Guidance (NHS Digital)
National Diabetes Inpatient Audit  NHS England DCB2235-04 Guidance (NHS Digital)
National Diabetes Inpatient Audit: Harms Collection NHS England DCB2235-05 Guidance (NHS Digital)
National Joint Registry Data Set Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) DCB1567 Guidance (NJR)
National Pregnancy in Diabetes Audit NHS England DCB2235-02 Guidance (NHS Digital)
National Wheelchair Data Collection NHS England DCB2097 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Neonatal Critical Care Minimum Data Set NHS England SCCI0075 (National Casemix Office)
Neonatal Data Set Imperial College London ISB 1595 (ISB website)
NHS 111 Patient Experience Survey NHS England DCB3029 Guidance (NHS Digital)
NHS 111 Weekly Situation Report NHS England DCB3024 Guidance and Data (NHS England)
NHS Continuing Healthcare Benchmarking Collection NHS England DCB2117 Data (NHS England)
NHS Safety Thermometer NHS England R00292 Guidance (Safety Thermometer website)
NHS Staff Survey NHS England DCB3078 Guidance and Data (NHS Staff Survey Coordination Centre)
Out of Area Placements Department of Health and Social Care SCCI2213 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Paediatric Critical Care Minimum Data Set NHS England SCCI0076 (National Casemix Office)
Patient-Led Assessments of the Care Environment (PLACE) NHS England and NHS Improvement DCB2085 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Patient Level Contract Monitoring NHS England DCB3003 Guidance (NHS England)
Patient Level Information and Costing Systems (PLICS) Data Set NHS England and NHS Improvement DCB2123 Guidance (NHS England and NHS Improvement)
Prevent Training Reports NHS England  SCCI2193 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Quarterly Activity Return NHS England DCB3023-02 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Quarterly Monitoring of Cancelled Operations NHS England DCB0143 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Radiotherapy Data Set Public Health England SCCI0111 Guidance (Public Health England)
Referral to Treatment Waiting Times NHS England DCB0095 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Renal Data Set NHS England ISB 0066 (Guidance) UK Renal Registry
Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Uptake in Frontline Healthcare Workers Survey Public Health England  DCB2204 Guidance (Public Health England)
Seven Day Services Survey NHS England DCB2204 Guidance (Public Health England)
Surplus Land for Housing Department of Health and Social Care DCB2154 Data (NHS Digital)
Surveillance of Healthcare Associated Infections Public Health England DCB0134 Guidance (Public Health England)
Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy Data Set Public Health England DCB1533 Guidance (Public Health England)
Trauma Audit and Research Network Notification Data Set Department of Health and Social Care ISB 1606 Guidance (TARN)
UK Severe Influenza Surveillance System Public Health England DCB2043 Guidance (NHS Digital)
VTE Risk Assessment NHS Improvement DCB1593 Guidance (NHS Digital)
Workforce Disability Equality Standard NHS England DCB3048 Guidance (NHS England)
Workforce Race Equality Standard NHS England DCB3040 Guidance (NHS Digital)

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