Information Standards Notices


Information Standards Notices (ISNs) are published to announce new or changes to information standards published under section 250 of the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

See below for ISNs published since 1 January 2017.  Note that SCCI closed on 31 March 2017 and ISNs are now published on authority of the Data Coordination Board, acting on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care.

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With effect from April 2016, only Assurance Certificates have been issued for data collections and extractions. Find out more about Assurance Certificates.

Information Standards Notices
Reference Title Type

Date published

DCB1533 Amd 80/2018 Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy (SACT) data set Standard and a Collection  06/12/2018

DCB1513 Amd 80/2018 Information Standards Notice

 DCB1533 Amd 80/2018 Documentation[AF1]

DCB0092-2062 Amd 34/2018 DCB0092-2062: Commissioning Data Sets: Emergency Care Data Set, CDS Version 6.2.2 Type 011 Standard and a Collection  07/11/2018 DCB0092-2062 Amd 34/2018 Information Standards Notice

DCB0092-2062 Amd 34/2018 documentation
DCB1067 Amd 50/2018 National Workforce Data Set, Version 3.0 Standard 03/10/2018

DCB1067 Amd 50/2018 Information Standards Notice

DCB1067 Amd 50/2018 documentation

DCB0011 Amd 30/2018

Mental Health Services Data Set (MHSDS), Version 4.0

Standard and a Collection 03/10/2018

DCB0011 Amd 30/2018 Information Standards Notice

DCB0011 Amd 30/2018 documentation

DCB1513 Amd 10/2018

Maternity Services Data Set, Version 2.0 Standard and a Collection


DCB1513 Amd 10/2018 Information Standards Notice

DCB1513 Amd 10/2018 documentation

DCB3051 Amd 64/2018

Identity Verification and Authentication Standard for Digital Health and Care Services Standard 29/06/2018

DCB3051 Amd 64/2018 Information Standards Notice

DCB3051 Amd 64/2018 documentation

DCB0139 Amd 21/2017

GUMCAD STI Surveillance System Standard and a Collection 25/06/2018

DCB0139 Amd 21/2017 Information Standards Notice

DCB0139 Amd 21/2017 documentation

DCB1567 Amd 66/2017

National Joint Registry Data Set Standard and a Collection 08/06/2018

DCB1567 Amd 66/2017 Information Standards Notice

DCB1567 Amd 66/2017 documentation

DCB0129 Amd 24/2018


Clinical Risk Management: its Application in the Manufacture of Health IT Systems



DCB0129 Amd 24/2018 Information Standards Notice

DCB0129 Amd 24/2018 documentation

DCB0160 Amd 25/2018

Clinical Risk Management: its Application in the Deployment and Use of Health IT Systems



DCB0160 Amd 25/2018 Information Standards Notice

DCB0160 Amd 25/2018 documentation

DCB3017 Amd 72/2017

Overseas Visitor Charging Category (OVCC)



DCB3017 Amd 72/2017 Information Standards Notice

DCB3017 Amd 72/2017 documentation

DCB0086 Amd 58/2017 Data Security and Protection Toolkit Standard 08/03/2018

DCB0086 Amd 58/2017 Information Standards Notice

DCB0086 Amd 58/2017 documentation

DCB0090 Amd 81/2017 Health and Social Care Organisation Reference Data Standard 08/03/2018

DCB0090 Amd 81/2017 Information Standards Notice

DCB0090 Amd 81/2017 documentation

DCB0134 Amd 18/2017 Surveillance of Healthcare Associated Infections  Standard and a Collection 20/12/2017

DCB0134 Amd 18/2017 Information Standards Notice

DCB0134 Amd 18/2017 documentation

DCB0089 Amd 19/2017 Cover of Vaccination Evaluated Rapidly (COVER), Version 2.0 Standard and a Collection 23/11/2017

DCB0089 Amd 19/2017 Information Standards Notice

DCB0089 Amd 19/2017 documentation

DCB1582 Amd 16/2017 Electronic Yellow Card Reporting, Version 3.0 Standard 26/10/2017

DCB1582 Amd 16/2017 Information Standards Notice

DCB1582 Amd 16/2017 documentation

DCB1067 Amd 26/2017

National Workforce Data Set, Version 2.9 Standard 26/10/2017

DCB1067 Amd 26/2017 Information Standards Notice

DCB1067 Amd 26/2017 documentation

DCB2094 Amd 51/2015 Sexual Orientation Monitoring Standard 05/10/2017

DCB2094 Amd 51/2015 Information Standards Notice

DCB2094 Amd 51/2015 documentation

DCB0147 Amd 89/2016 National Cancer Waiting Times Monitoring Data Set, Version 2.0 Standard and a Collection 05/10/2017

DCB0147 Amd 89/2016 Information Standards Notice

DCB0147 Amd 89/2016 documentation

DCB1521 Amd 74/2016 Cancer Outcomes and Services Data set, Version 8.0 Standard and a Collection 28/09/2017 DCB1521 Amd 74/2016 Information Standards Notice

DCB1521 Amd 74/2016 documentation

DCB0011 Amd 82/2016 Mental Health Services Data Set, Version 3.0 Standard and a Collection 28/09/2017

DCB0011 Amd 82/2016 Information Standards Notice

DCB0011 Amd 82/2016 documentation

DCB1596 Amd 77/2017 Secure Email, Version 2.1 Standard 28/09/2017 DCB1596 Amd 77/2017 Information Standards Notice

DCB1596 Amd 77/2017 documentation

DCB1605 Amd 27/2017 Accessible Information, Version 1.1 Standard 10/08/2017

DCB1605 Amd 27/2017 Information Standards Notice

DCB1605 Amd 27/2017 documentation

SCCI1518 Amd 92/2015 Sexual and Reproductive Health Activity Dataset Standard and a Collection 29/06/2017

SCCI1518 Amd 92/2015 Information Standards Notice

SCCI1518 Amd 92/2015 documentation

SCCI1069 Amd 57/2016

Community Services Data Set

Standard and a Collection 20/04/2017

SCCI1069 Amd 57/2016 Information Standards Notice

SCCI1069 Amd 57/2016 documentation

SCCI0092-2062 Amd 17/2015 Commissioning Data Sets (CDS) Version 6.2: Addition of Type 011: Emergency Care Data Set (ECDS) Standard and a Collection 19/04/2017

SCCI0092-2062 Amd 17/2015 Information Standards Notice

SCCI0092-2062 Amd 17/2015 documentation

SCCI0052 Amd 13/2013 Dictionary of Medicines and Devices (dm+d): Conversion Standard 07/04/2017

SCCI0052 Amd 13/2013 Information Standards Notice

SCCI0052 Amd 13/2013 documentation

SCCI1596 Amd 3/2016

Secure Email, Version 2.0

Superseded by Amd 77/2017

Standard 15/03/2017

SCCI1596 Amd 3/2016 Information Standards Notice

SCCI1596 Amd 3/2016 documentation