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Data, Insights & Statistics (DIS) Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Data, Insights & Statistics (DIS) Directorate within NHS Digital is committed to improving customer satisfaction in relation to the services that we provide. One part of doing this is to measure ongoing customer satisfaction, so that we can better understand the way our customers define the quality of our services, identify what we’re doing well, and highlight what we can do differently to improve our service to them.


We have developed a short and simple survey that we have been sending out with responses that we provide to customers, and this will be a rolling process to enable us to monitor trends in customer satisfaction. The data that we will collect will be used to inform our decisions going forward ensuring continuous improvement.

We will update this page each quarter to show a summary of the latest responses.

Current Survey Questions

The current questions asked on the survey are:

(On a scale rated from 1 "Extremely Unsatisfied" to 5 "Extremely Satisfied"):

  • How satisfied or dissatisfied were you with the way in which your request was dealt with?
  • How satisfied were you with the timeliness of the response?
  • If applicable, please can you state how satisfied you were with the format and presentation in which your data/analysis was provided?

As free text entry:

  • Do you have any suggestions for how this service could be improved?

Our latest results

DIS Customer Satisfaction Survey Results


If you do use our services, then we would love to hear from you.  Please contact us by mail to: and quoting "DIS Customer Satisfaction Survey" in the subject line.

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