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Patient Level Information and Costing Systems 2017 Collection

NHS Improvement's Costing Transformation Programme (CTP) was established to implement Patient Level Information and Costing Systems (PLICS) across Acute, Mental Health, Ambulance and Community providers.

  • Introducing and implementing new standards for patient level costing
  • Developing and implementing one single national cost collection to replace current multiple collections
  • Establishing the minimum required standards for costing software and promoting its adoption
  • Driving and encouraging sector support to adopt Patient Level Costing methodology and technology
  • The Acute collection in 2017 is made up of data from 78 early implementer Acute Trusts that have been using PLIC Systems for several years

The data will enable the testing and review of new standards that are being developed by NHS Improvement in relation to patient level costing.

The submissions will be sent into NHS Digital in XML format.  Further information about the format of the XML files is available from NHS Improvement 2016/17 Patient Level Information and Costing Systems (PLICS) cost collection guidance file specifications.

This is a single annual collection exercise from each of the 78 Trusts. Collections are scheduled to take place from July to December 2017. Trusts should be aware of their individual collection dates within the overall schedule following previous communications from NHS Improvement. The collection schedule has been agreed between NHS Digital and NHS Improvement with Trust's input as part of it's development.