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Innovative uses of data

This service will support the planning, delivery and evaluation of health and social care. By creating tools and analytics that harness data science techniques, we can offer new insights that are easily accessed and understood.

We will be delivering products that the health and social care sector asks for. These products will deliver real benefits to professionals in the sector, by reducing inefficiencies, improving the understanding of the services people need and using existing data to provide intelligence - all of which will ultimately contribute to better outcomes for patients.

We will deliver online tools for use by those involved in the planning, delivery or evaluation of care. These tools, usually in the form of interactive graphics, will support one of three objectives:

  1. Better value from data - providing an analytical service for the NHS and researchers that would otherwise have to be paid for.
  2. Doing more with data - undertaking new types of analyses that generate insight that has not been possible before.
  3. Increasing access to data - harnessing technology to deliver intelligence to stakeholders, even if they don't have technical skills or understand data terminology.

Many of our current developments can be found in our data innovation labs, where products are developed and incubated before being incorporated into our live service.

Do you have an idea of ways in which we can utilise data in any of the areas above? Then contact us at [email protected].

Last edited: 7 September 2022 11:25 am