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Ratings and reviews

Look at the NHS website ratings and reviews data including all published reviews and responses. This data is available through the Ratings and Reviews dashboard.  

What you can find out

Patient reviews are written accounts of a persons experience after attending a health service provider such as a dentists, a GP, hospital or social care environment and includes 

  • The star rating of the review  
  • The number of reviews, responses and percentage response rate
  • Reviews by ICB, region, postcode, organisation name, organisation code or organisation type 
  • The dashboard is updated daily 

What the report can't tell you

Not all reviews are published, comments containing the following will not be published or edited 

  • Names of individuals, mention of identity or identifying features
  • Offensive, abusive or inappropriate language or remark 
  • Complaints relating to clinical negligence which should first be addressed by the relevant hospital or practice

Further information


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