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Indicators team

This is a collection of over a thousand indicators that we publish. The information is for clinical staff, commissioners, researchers, and others needing data and evidence to help with decision-making in health and care. A wide variety of subjects are covered, ranging from quality through to population health and the outcome of treatments.

Indicators developed internally

Our Clinical indicators team develop, test, produce and then publish a range of indicators, separated into the following groups.

Clinical Commissioning Group Outcomes Indicator Set (CCGOIS)

The CCG Outcomes Indicator Set (CCG OIS) is an important part of NHS England's systematic approach to quality improvement.

Find out more about the Clinical Commissioning Group Outcomes Indicator Set or view the Clinical Commissioning Group Outcomes Indicator Set publications.

Compendium of Population Health Indicators

A wide-ranging collection of over 600 indicators including Mortality and Hospital care indicators that have been designed to provide a comprehensive overview of population health at a national, regional and local level. Find out more about the Compendium of Population Health Indicators or view the Mortality publications or Emergency Readmissions publications.

NHS Outcomes Framework 

Provides national level accountability for the outcomes the NHS delivers.

Find out more about the NHS Outcomes Framework or view the NHS Outcomes Framework publications.


The NHS website is taking an active role in making data available to the public and those interested in improving the NHS. Relevant data sets are made available for further use and analysis once they have been published on the site. 

Seven-day Services

Are experimental statistics which provide information on how we can effectively measure both improvement and variation in care provision across the week.

Find out more about Seven-day Services or view the Seven-day Services publications.

Summary Hospital-level Mortality Indicator (SHMI) 

Reports on mortality at trust level across the NHS in England using a standard and transparent methodology. It is produced and published quarterly as a National Statistic by NHS Digital.

Find out more about the Summary Hospital-level Mortality Indicator or view the Summary Hospital-level Mortality Indicator publications.

Learn more about the Clinical Indicators  This document contains the indicator code (I-code) and production code (P-code) for each indicator, where applicable. P-codes can be copied from this document and pasted into the website search bar in order to quickly navigate to data files of interest.

Last edited: 26 August 2020 1:21 pm