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Data Processing Services release notes

We are developing our data processing services to transform how we collect, process and use data to improve health and care. To support this work we will provide regular programme updates. 

DPS Core Announcements and planned outages

Date Time Reason
Wednesday 6 January 2021 18:00 to 21:00 DPS Core maintenance

Wednesday 13 January 2021

18:00 to 21:00

DPS Core maintenance

Wednesday 20 January 2021

18:00 to 21:00

DPS Core maintenance

Wednesday 27 January 2021 18:00 to 21:00 DPS Core maintenance

For any service issues outside of these dates and times, please contact us via the National Service desk.


Release notes April 2020

DPS Core 01/04/2020

  1. Completed Analysts Linkage epic MVP.
  2. We completed the assurance for 'Multi Submission Window' so that organisations can submit Mental Health data many times.
  3. Created a perinatal view of data
  4. Completed the local cross check work on historic Hospital Episode Statistic in preparation for the data to pass through the Master Person Service
  5. Implemented changes defined in Mental Health Technical Output Spec
  6. Volume and performance testing of the MESH connection
  7. Fixed a date problem for Primary Care Medicines data

Release notes March 2020

DPS Core 18/03/2020

  1. Code Promotion Ephemeral logs – implementation for Data                        Managers completed.
  2. Maternity DSCRO extracts (includes UPID) produced.
  3. Null MAT derivations populated.
  4. Spike of MH 4.1 TOS updated.
  5. Group Permissions model for DM Toolkit implemented.


DPS Core 11/03/2020

  1. HES MPS ID scope defined


DPS Core 04/03/2020

  1. MH month end automation completion.
  2. MH YTD Extract work completed.
  3. MPS ID on HES – MPS request for historic data created.

Release notes February 2020

DPS Core 26/02/2020

  1. Implement group permissions model for DM Toolkit.
  2. Produce Maternity DSCRO extracts and historic linkage file (including UPID) and disseminate.


DPS Core 19/02/2020

  1. Start investigation into XML ingestion into DM Toolkit


DPS Core 12/02/2020

  1. Spike re: agree technical approach to code repositories.
  2. Remove blocking issues and complete DM Toolkit user onboarding
  3. Code Promotion – agree approach on how best to make available to DMs and implement
  4. Multiple Submission Window model YTD extract and cross-check functionality – verify and action requirements
  5. Commence work on generating MPS ID on HES historic data (test data on ref is required – SB) to enable analysis by the business


DPS Core 05/02/2020

This release has improved our internal capabilities in two key areas:

  1. A 'minimum viable product' has been developed to provide better self-sufficiency for our Data Managers to promote the code they have generated to operate in our live service.
  2. We have made good progress on the capability to allow Mental Health data providers to submit data multiple times in the year with a path forward working with our internal business.

Release notes January 2020

DPS Core 29/01/2020

In this release we have progressed the following:

  1. We have improved the way we process larger file sizes as received for Primary Care Medicines data
  2. Engagement has begun with our Data Managers for wider usage of their toolkit for onboarding data
  3. Elaborated requirements for improvements to the generation of the Unique Pregnancy Identifier.



DPS Core 22/01/2020

We are continuing to work on the best way to manage the processing of the large primary care medicines file. 

We have started preparatory work to understand requirements to link Data Processing Services to the Data Access Request Service

We have improved the way our data analysts can access and manipulate data on the platform.

We have made updates to the Data Manager Toolkit enabling extracts to new locations via the SEFT data transfer system. 

The first phase of the Data Manager Toolkit has been released to data managers.

The internal data services teams are now developing on the platform, promoting mental health data quality and maternity data analysis to the live system. 

We have completed work on perinatal linked data to support data services analysts. We also now derive a 'Universal Pregnancy ID'. 

We are progressing submissions and data validations to enable multiple submissions of mental health data.

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