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Community services team

Our community services team is responsible for producing official and national statistics about community services.

The Community Services Data Set (CSDS) is a patient level, output based, secondary uses data set. It is designed to deliver patient level data about every episode of care delivered by publicly-funded community services. 

In late 2017, the CYHS (Children and Young Persons Health Service) data set was widened to become the CSDS by removing the age restriction.

This collection has been developed in consultation with the Department of  Health and Social Care, NHS England, Public Health England, service providers and commissioners.

With a total yearly expenditure of more than £10 billion, community services make up 10 per cent of the NHS budget.

Community services include:

  • health centres
  • Sure Start centres
  • day care facilities
  • schools
  • community centres
  • mobile facilities
  • services provided in a patient's own home


All providers of publicly funded community services must submit to the data set, including:

  • acute trusts
  • mental health trusts
  • community healthcare trusts
  • care trusts
  • social enterprises
  • integrated care organisations
  • any qualified providers
  • independent sector providers (including third sector)
  • local authorities

Data collected includes the following information:

  • personal and demographic
  • social and personal circumstances
  • breastfeeding and nutrition
  • care event and screening activity
  • diagnoses, including long-term conditions and disabilities
  • scored assessments

All data items collected in the CSDS can be found in the technical outcomes specification under the tab ‘Master Data Item List’.


Data is submitted through the Bureau Service Portal.

Currently, a small proportion of providers are submitting data. Work is ongoing to increase both the registration for data submission and the quality of the submissions.

Analyse and interpret

The data and statistics are currently analysed for the:

  • number of providers who submitted, and the quality of that data submitted
  • number of referrals to community services, separated by gender and age
  • proportion of visits that were health visitors
  • nature of the purpose of each home visit
  • number of immunisation encounters
  • number of care contacts
  • number of appointments attended, not attended and cancelled
  • source and reason for referrals


We publish statistical reports on community services.

Data is also fed into the Data Services for Commissioners Regional Offices to inform commissioning support units that advise clinical commissioning services around the commissioning of services.

The data may also be published by Public Health England and other bodies, providing the appropriate information governance approvals are in place. Requests from any external bodies, for patient level data, are processed through the Data Access Request Service (DARS).

We also produce answers to parliamentary questions, freedom of information requests, and other ad hoc data requirements. 


Reliable local and national comparative data is vital to improving community services. It is used to underpin policy, inform commissioning decisions and manage services. It can also be used to predict demand on services and can be linked to other data sets to provide further insights.

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