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Mental Health Services Data Set archived specification

The following versions of the data set have since been superseded for submission. The documents below are archive documents and are for reference only, to understand the development of the data set.

Mental Health Services Data Set (MHSDS) v2.0 - SCCI0011 Amd 31/2016

MHSDS v2.0 was accepted by the Standardisation Committee for Care Information (SCCI) for collection from 1st April 2017. The formal Information Standard can be found on the DCB0011 publication page.

MHSDS v2.0 submission guidance documents

Document Current version Last updated

MHSDS v2.0 Data Model



MHSDS v2.0 User Guidance



MHSDS v2.0 Technical Guidance



MHSDS v2.0 technical output specification

The Technical Output Specification for MHSDS v2.0 contains all of the information included in the Data Set Specification published on the SCCI website. This information will remain static as part of this Information Standard release. The MHSDS v.2.0 Technical Output Specification also includes additional information relating to the validations carried out by the Bureau Service Portal and the derived data items that are included in the provider and commissioner extracts. The validations and derivations are not controlled through the DCB process and can therefore be subject to change.

The Bureau Service Portal (BSP) was developed to the MHSDS v2.0 Technical Output Specification below to accept submissions from 01/06/2017 using the MHSDS v2.0 IDB only.

Document Current version Last updated

MHSDS v2.0 Technical Output Specification



MHSDS v2.0 XML extract schemas

The pre and post deadline extracts will be available for download in XML format from the BSP once a submission has been uploaded and processed successfully. These XML schemas describe the structure of the extracts.

Please note the latest versions of the Schema are 2.0.16, which comply with 2.0.17 of the Technical Output Specification.

Document Current version Last updated

MHSDS v2.0 Provider Pre Deadline Extract Schema



MHSDS v2.0 Provider Post Deadline Extract Schema



MHSDS v2.0 Commissioner Extract Schema




SNOMED CT - coded scored assessments

NHS Digital has released the SNOMED CT reference tables describing which assessment tools can be submitted in the MHSDS and a mapping to their corresponding SNOMED CT Concept ID codes. These are included in the Technical Output Specification and can be found under the MH Assessment Scales and Clustering Tools for MH tabs. More details on SNOMED CT can be found in the latest User Guidance.

Older archived materials

To download our older archived materials, please visit The National Archives website.

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