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Maternity Services Data Set (MSDS) v2.0

MSDS v2.0 – DCB1513 Amd 10/2018

The MSDS v2.0 is an update to the existing v1.5 data set that introduces a new structure and content, including clinical terminology, in order to meet current clinical practice and incorporate new requirements. The MSDS v2.0 also mandates the submission of all maternity records in scope of the data set, including records that are held on paper which must be submitted in the required electronic format.

The MSDS v2.0 mandates local data collection from 1 April 2019 and national submissions from May 2019, at which point it will replace the existing MSDS v1.5.

The associated ISN and standard documentation can be found on the
MSDS v2.DCB1513 publication page.     

Guidance documents for MSDS v2.0

MSDS v2.0 Data Model, Technical Output Specification (TOS) User Guidance and SNOMED CT Mapping documents
Document Description Version
MSDS v2.0 Data Model  A pictorial representation of the output data set. The Data Model defines the referential integrity that will be enforced when the submission file is validated. 


MSDS v2.0 Technical Output Specification

A specification for the output data set required of providers. Defines each data item within the data set. This document splits the data set into tables. Each containing data items and values, and linkage items used to link each data table.  The full version of the TOS includes the validations that will be applied to submission files at the submission portal.

This is the Enhanced TOS, which includes the ‘additional validation rules’ and derivations that will be applied to the submission portal.

MSDS v2.0 User Guidance The user guidance describes how the information standard should be interpreted by service providers, IT system suppliers and other stakeholders. It helps users understand the scope of the standard and how it should be implemented locally. 14.03.2019

MSDS v2.0 SNOMED CT Mapping

The MSDS v2.0 SNOMED CT mapping guidance is a tool to help service providers to map to a SNOMED CT code from value list data items that were present in MSDS v1.5, that will no longer be available as value lists in MSDS v2.0.

This document is not intended to specify the only SNOMED CT codes that service providers should flow to MSDS v2.0. Providers using maternity systems that already capture SNOMED CT codes (or other clinical terminology and classifications) for primary care purposes should flow these codes to MSDS v2.0 rather than trying to map to the codes contained within this document. Maternity providers and system suppliers should also refer to the Maternity Record Standard and any associated SNOMED CT reference sets. 


How to submit data for MSDS v2.0

MSDS v2.0 submission dates

Data submissions for Maternity Services are based upon fixed period reporting. There is a period of approximately two months for each submission to be undertaken. Data submissions are required on a monthly basis, the timetable for which is shown below.

Data submissions for Maternity Services Data Set v2.0
Month Submission window opens Submission window closes (end of) 
April 2019  01/05/2019 30/06/2019 
May 2019  01/06/2019 31/07/2019 
June 2019  01/07/2019 31/08/2019
July 2019  01/08/2019 30/09/2019
August 2019  01/09/2019 31/10/2019
September 2019  01/10/2019 30/11/2019 

MSDS v2.0 XML Schema & Intermediate Database (IDB)

The MSDS is submitted to NHS Digital using an XML file that is compliant with the MSDS v2.0 XML Schema, or alternatively using the MSDS intermediate database (IDB) tool.

Providers of maternity services must submit data submission files to NHS Digital’s secure online submission portal, Strategic Data Collection Service (SDCS).

The MSDS v2.0 XML schema can be found on Technology Reference Data Update Distribution (TRUD) at: NHS Data Model and Dictionary: DD XML Schemas.

The IDB is located via the ‘Data Set Development Services Tools’ link under the heading ‘Categories’. New users will need to click on ‘licenses’ which will enable you to ‘subscribe’ to access the ‘download’ link to open.

If you are not already registered on TRUD, you can register via the link on the TRUD homepage.

To note, the MSDS v2.0 IDB will replace the MSDS v1.5 Conversion Tool. The IDB for v2.0 of the MSDS can be downloaded but SHOULD NOT be used for any submission files for the existing MSDS v1.5; the IDB for MSDS v2.0 can start being used for submission of April 2019 data when the new submission portal opens in May 2019.

Organisational assessment and planning tools

The following additional documents and tools will assist in implementing the MSDS v2.0 in your organisation.  

Document   Description Version
MSDS v2.0 system conformance checklist The MSDS v2.0 system conformance checklist is a tool to help maternity providers assess how well their local IT systems 'map' to the MSDS v2.0 Technical Output Specification.  27.07.2018
MSDS v2.0 Implementation Planning Template This template can be utilised by maternity providers to plan their organisation's activity for implementing the MSDS v2.0. The resulting plan should provide a high level picture of how their organisation intends to tackle this implementation within the anticipated timescales.  06.11.2018
MSDS v2.0 readiness assessment tool 

This tool is designed to help maternity providers measure their organisation's MSDS v2.0 implementation progress. This spans a baseline assessment, regular reviews and a final review to report successful implementation. 

This is an optional tool for local use only.

Please note that the ‘MSDS v2.0 Readiness Assessment Tool’ is separate to the state of readiness questionnaire referenced in the MSDS v2.0 ISN and Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts (CNST) criteria for 2018-19.  Care providers and system suppliers will be sent a link by email to the readiness questionnaire for completion via the Citizen Space online platform during February 2019.


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