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Access data from the IAPT data set

The IAPT Data Set provides a comprehensive national picture of the use of IAPT services in England.


We make data available from the IAPT data set in the form of statistical reports covering activity, waiting times and patient outcomes such as recovery.

These reports are made available publicly and are published on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Read more about the reports on the use of IAPT services.

Access IAPT reports.

Provider and commissioner extracts

Providers and commissioners of IAPT services can retrieve processed monthly extracts covering their own services and the patients they are responsible for.

These extracts are available following processing of the monthly data submissions on the Bureau Service Portal (BSP).


Provider extracts contain data for their own services and patients.


Commissioner extracts will be filtered by Organisation Identifier (Code of Commissioner) and commissioners can only receive records where their NHS organisation code matches that supplied by the provider for the patient. The structure, format and content of this extract are similar to the provider's final extract, but the extract does not include patient identifiable data items.

Commissioner access is subject to approval by the Independent Group Advising on the Release of Data (IGARD). Commissioners should initially contact their CSU/DSCRO to obtain data, as access will no longer be granted to individual CCGs on the BSP.

Specifications for the Provider and Commissioner Extracts are contained in the Technical Output Specification and describe exactly what data are contained in the extracts.

Read more about the extracts in the Technical Output Specification.

Data Access Request Service

We can provide record-level extracts of IAPT data via our Data Access Request Service. This service is for customers with analytical requirements that are not already met through the published reports.

Mental health data hub

The mental health data hub is a collection of interactive dashboards and useful links covering mental health data in England. This covers the IAPT Data Set and also the Mental Health Services Data Set (MHSDS) and other related data collections.

Further information

internal IAPT pilot collections

We currently maintain two pilot data collections for IAPT services, which are submitted alongside the core IAPT Data Set by those services involved in the pilots.

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