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Emergency Care Data Set case studies

Implementing ECDS in an emergency department requires the skills and experience of both clinical and non-clinical staff and technical specialists.  Here we look at the approach of several organisations.

Preparing for implementation a whole trust approach to ECDS

The Hillingdon hospitals NHS foundation trust took a decision to delay their go live date. In this case study we focus on their approach to implementation in both their emergency department and minor injuries unit. We look at how and why they decided to delay so as not to impact on A&E performance, and the learning they have identified to support future implementations.

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The roles of nurses within implementing ECDS

The nursing staff at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust Queens medical centre are collecting more data since the implementation of ECDS. In this case study we will focus on why this decision was made, the impact on their role and the support they have been given to respond to this.

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The consultant led implementation approach to ECDS

The implementation of ECDS at the Countess of Chester hospital NHS foundation trust has been led by their Chief Clinical Information Officer (CCIO) and emergency medicine consultant. In this case study we look at why they chose to implement ECDS in stages and how information was shared across the emergency department.

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Involving commissioners during ECDS implementation

The information collected through ECDS will help commissioners to accurately fund demand and implement strategic changes. In this case study we look at the involvement of NHS Rotherham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) during the implementation of ECDS at their local trust and how they plan to use the data with their local partners.

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