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ECDS latest update

ECDS News – TRUD content update

important information on the release of updated Emergency Care Data Set (ECDS) SNOMED reference sets. These changes enhance the available ECDS codes, particularly diagnosis codes, and correct a number of issues with the previous version (v3.0.0) of the Enhanced Technical Output Specification (ETOS).

The update to the ECDS reference sets has three main parts.

1. Make the new reference sets available for download on TRUD.

2. Make the new ETOS available

3. Update the codes used in data quality (DQ) reporting.

Part one is now complete – the ECDS reference sets can be downloaded from TRUD (You will need a TRUD login). Not all ED systems use TRUD for updates so this may not be applicable to you. If your system uses the ETOS for updates, please wait for the next email in this series.


A minor error means this TRUD release does not contain the following three codes due to SNOMED inactivation, but this will be fixed in the next TRUD update in September 2021.

If you plan to update your ECDS reference data from TRUD before September 2021, please manually add the following codes to your diagnosis reference set before live deployment.

The codes are

397428000 Diphtheria (disorder)
95854004 Pulled elbow (disorder)
262998001 Sprain of toe joint (disorder)

We will provide further updates soon. If you have any questions about this, please contact us via

ECDS conformance criteria

The conformance criteria document referred to in section 3.3 of the requirement specification has now been released.

ECDS Enhanced Technical Output Specification (ETOS) v3.0.0

The ECDS Enhanced Technical Output Specification (ETOS) v3.0.0 is available. 

This reflects recent changes to the Technical Output Specification (TOS) v3.0 and updates to the TRUD made in August 2020.

Implementing ECDS v3 before the next release of the ECDS ETOS

We would like to thank you for your efforts to implement ECDS v3. We recognise the challenges in doing this and appreciate your commitment to getting this right. Thank you.

Please be aware that implementation of ECDS v3, especially the important new fields to record Clinically Ready to Proceed, NEWS2 and the Clinical Frailty Scale can be implemented without the need for the new ECDS ETOS, now expected for publication in Summer 2021 (We will notify you once we have confirmation of the publication date).

Any SNOMED codes specifically associated with ECDS v3 were published in September 2020 and these will not change in the Summer 2021 update to the ETOS.

If you are unsure how to implement ECDS v3 before the next release of the ETOS please contact us via

ECDS v3.0

Emergency Care Data Set (ECDS) v3.0 is ready, you are now able to view the uplifted ECDS Information Standard, including the approved version of the Technical Output Specification V3.0  and a BETA version of the updated ECDS User Guide


Watch the 6 October 2020 webinar or some of the earlier webinars. 

Communication from the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM)

The RCEM are continuing to provide guidance about the COVID-19 situation.  Read the full guidance from RCEM.

ECDS data quality summary report

Is an interactive data quality report providing early analysis between providers and for individual SNOMED CT codes: primary diagnosis; treatment; investigation and chief complaint. 

The Emergency Care Data Set data quality reports on the following:  

  • percentage of each SNOMED code highlighting which are the most common codes nationally
  • field validity for each provider organisation
  • from May 2019 activity, a new tab for each of these four fields has been added to report the number of different, unique codes submitted by each provider.  Providers with a low number of unique codes indicates that the full ECDS SNOMED_CT functionality isn’t being utilised, losing granularity that the ECDS dataset has to offer.

Retirement of deprecated SNOMED CT Codes

We have now placed end-dates on any codes that are no longer used, so they will be flagged as invalid for activity dated after 31/3/2019. Please ensure you check your local setup to ensure it only contains SNOMED codes presented in Enhanced Technical Output Specification v2.1.1.1 (see below).

SNOMED codes that have been deprecated (those that do not appear in v2.1.1.1 of the E TOS) will no longer be accepted as valid codes for submission to SUS+ for activity dated later than 31/3/2019.

Enhanced TOS


Technical Output Spec version  Aligns with schema version Aligns with SNOMED content version  Notes 
3.0.0 CDS v6.2.3 August 2020 now available (Enhanced) CDS v6.2.2 April 2020 Addition of SNOMED term for COVID-19 Coronavirus, due to the infectious notifiable disease outbreak.
2.1.1 (Enhanced) CDS v6.2.2 October 2018 Lists all deprecated SNOMED codes due for retirement on 31/3/2019. This has been replaced with v2.1.1.1 which was published April 2020. 
2.1  CDS v6.2.2 Structure only. No SNOMED content Contains fix to Postcode of Usual Address minimum field length and some minor typos.
2.0.0 (enhanced)  CDS v6.2.2 October 2018  Replaced with v2.1.0, see above
2.0 CDS v6.2.2 Structure only NO SNOMED content Replaced with v2.1.0, see above
1.5.2  (enhanced)  CDS v6.2.1 October 2018   
1.01 CDS v6.2.1 October 2017  
1.0 CDS v6.2.1 April 2017   

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Further information

internal Emergency care data set (ECDS) webinars

The Emergency Care Data Set (ECDS) team host ECDS webinars covering all aspects of the ECDS. Copies of past webinars and slides are available to download, together with the details of the next webinar and how to register.

internal ECDS data quality report

The ECDS data quality report is based on the monitored quality of the chief complaint, first diagnosis and acuity data items submitted within ECDS. The report is published monthly by SUS.

internal ECDS guidance

We have provided some ECDS user guidance about technical implementation and for clinical and admin staff.

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