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ECDS latest update (April 2019)

ECDS latest update (April 2019). 

Turning off the A&E data feed (CDS 010) April 2019

CDS 010 is scheduled for retirement from the end of 2018/19. The last submission for which CDS 010 is valid is the post-reconciliation submission for March 2019. Please see the ECDS September 2018 webinar for full details.

The following guidance is aimed at Type 3 & 4 emergency care departments, including current Urgent Treatment Centres (UTCs) and any site planning to become a UTC which is not compliant with the ECDS information standard. If you are already compliant with the ECDS information standard you do not need to read this guidance.

UTCs not yet ECDS compliant and Type 3 & 4 EDs which will become a UTC

You must become compliant with ECDS, including daily data submission, as soon as possible.

All data for activity during FY19/20 will need to be submitted in ECDS format before the end of FY19/20 to prevent gaps in national data. This applies even if the data was not collected in ECDS format originally (see section 4 for details of conversion).

In the interim you should continue to submit CDS010 data in line with current practice. This will be available to commissioners via the usual channels.

Type 3 & 4 EDs which will not become a UTC

Existing Type 3 and 4 services such as Minor Injuries Units, Urgent Care Centres and Walk-in Centres that do not plan to become a UTC are required to close or become an alternative community-based service (e.g. GP access hub) by December 2019. Any exceptions to this timescale will need to be agreed by the NHS England and Improvement Regional Director.

When they change, these alternative community-based services will not be expected to submit ECDS. Once they change function, they will no longer be considered a national urgent or emergency care service and will be required to submit data through the reporting route that is appropriate to the type of service to which they have transitioned (typically primary or community care).

In the interim, these services should continue to submit data as a Type 3 or 4 ED in the way they do currently and if they can in ECDS format.

Technical considerations & conversion of A&E (CDS010) into ECDS (CDS011) format

The EDT system will be turned off on 30 May 2019, as communicated via SUS+ bulletins and the SUS+ What’s New page. After 30 May 2019, only the Message Exchange for Social Care and Health (MESH) system will be supported for the transfer of CDS interchange data.

Many CDS010 data items will map into ECDS format. Please see the ECDS Technical Output Specification for details including all mandatory data items, taking care to understand the difference between data groups and data items.

You should map as many CDS010 items into ECDS as possible, but please note that you must not attempt to map any CDS010 data into any field in ECDS which is in SNOMED CT format. Enquiries should be emailed to 


CDS 010 retirement

CDS 010 is scheduled for retirement from the end of 2018/19.  The last submission for which CDS 010 is valid is the post-reconciliation submission for March 2019,  please see our September 2018 webinar for full details.


Corrigendum to ECDS information standard

As communicated on 6 February 2019 we identified a minor problem with the most recent ECDS schema, version 6.2.2. Specifically, the ‘POSTCODE OF USUAL ADDRESS’ change of format was incorrectly specified and has been revised to min an2 max an8.

As a result, the XML schema and Technical Output Specification have been updated. Learn more about this by reading about the information standard.

ECDS information standard conformance date

The ECDS XML schema version 6.2.1 will continue to be valid until the 30 August 2019.

You must deploy ECDS XML schema version 6.2.2 before 1 September 2019. We do not yet know the earliest date you may deploy ECDS XML schema version 6.2.2, but we will issue further communications when this is possible.

Accredited XML brokers must go through a minor assurance process to demonstrate compliance with the new XML schema – please get in touch with your NHS Digital solutions assurance contact to discuss this.

Overseas visitor charging category

We have modified ECDS XML schema version 6.2.1 to allow more flexibility for the field “overseas visitor charging category”. You may need to use this updated schema if you have deployed the new values for this field but have not yet deployed ECDS XML schema version 6.2.2.

Full details can be found by reading the ECDS Corrigendum and the accompanying Data Dictionary change notes.

Please do not use the updated version of ECDS XML schema version 6.2.1 until SUS+ have confirmed its deployment on the SUS+ what’s new pages.

SNOMED code mappings to CDS010

We have now deployed all mappings relating to the October 2018 ECDS SNOMED content release. We have also made the following fixes. When you download an extract from SUS+ it will refresh all historic SUS data to pick up and correct any affected records going back to the beginning of your ECDS data.

Please check SUS+ what's new for confirmation of these changes being deployed

Fix to investigation mapping

We noticed an error in the mapping for Investigation 1088291000000101 (Clinical investigation not indicated) which was incorrectly set to map to Data Dictionary code 99 (other).
The correct mapping is to Data Dictionary code 24 (none).

Fix to logic of A&E patient group mapping

We realised that the order of calculation for the Patient Group field did not give enough priority to the “Dead on Arrival” state, which is important for grouping purposes.

This change is shown in the ECDS to CDS 010 data mapping file, and you will notice that EMERGENCY CARE ATTENDANCE CATEGORY and EMERGENCY CARE DISCHARGE STATUS (SNOMED CT) have been moved to the top of the order for deriving the A&E Patient Group mapping. We expect a small number of HRGs will be affected by this fix.

Please note that when the historic data is refreshed there will be some changes in HRG in a limited number of cases. Please note that both Provider and commissioner are protected until 31/3/2019 by the Counting and Coding provisions within the NHS Contract.

Fix to override settings on the “A&E Incident Location Type” mapping

Some of the “override” values were set incorrectly in the “A&E Incident Location Type” mapping. A small number of values for “A&E Incident Location Type” may be affected.

Retirement of deprecated SNOMED CT Codes

We have now placed end-dates on any codes that are no longer used, so they will be flagged as invalid for activity dated after 31/3/2019. Please ensure you check your local setup to ensure it only contains SNOMED codes presented in Enhanced Technical Output Specification v2.1.1 (see below).

SNOMED codes that have been deprecated (those that do not appear in v2.1.1 of the E TOS) will no longer be accepted as valid codes for submission to SUS+ for activity dated later than 31/3/2019.

April 2019 release of ECDS content

There will be no release of ECDS content in April 2019. The next content release will take place in October 2019.

Enhanced TOS v2.1.1

Version 2.1.1 of the ECDS Enhanced Technical Output Specification (E TOS) is now available, aligned with the SNOMED CT October 2018 update on TRUD, and reflecting the changes in CDS Version 6.2.2 – this now explicitly lists all SNOMED codes deprecated on 31/3/2019 so you can check you’re not using any of these codes for activity after this date.


Technical Output Spec version  Aligns with schema version Aligns with SNOMED content version  Notes 
2.1.1 (Enhanced) CDS v6.2.2 October 2018 Lists all deprecated SNOMED codes due for retirement on 31/3/2019.
2.1  CDS v6.2.2 Structure only. No SNOMED content Contains fix to Postcode of Usual Address minimum field length and some minor typos.
2.0.0 (enhanced)  CDS v6.2.2 October 2018  Replaced with v2.1.0, see above
2.0 CDS v6.2.2 Structure only NO SNOMED content Replaced with v2.1.0, see above
1.5.2  (enhanced)  CDS v6.2.1 October 2018   
1.01 CDS v6.2.1 October 2017  
1.0 CDS v6.2.1 April 2017   

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