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Survey of Adult Carers in England, 2018-19 guidance for local authorities

Carers are a key policy area within the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and the Care Quality Commission (CQC). This survey, being run for the fourth time, has been developed to learn more about whether services received by carers are helping them in their caring role and their life outside of caring, and also about their perception of the services provided to the person they care for.


The survey will feed into monitoring of the impact of the national carers strategy and it will also be used to populate a number of measures in the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework.

  • 1D - Carer-reported quality of life score (Questions 7-12)
  • 1I(2) - Proportion of carers who reported that they had as much social contact as they would like (Question 11)
  • 3B - Overall satisfaction of carers with social services (Question 4)
  • 3C - Proportion of carers who report that they have been included or consulted in discussion about the person they care for (Question 15)
  • 3D(2) - Proportion of carers who find it easy to find information about support (Question 13)


The Survey of Adult Carers in England guidance document sets out the actions that councils with Adult Social Services Responsibilities will need to perform during 2018-19 to carry out the survey and provide data to NHS Digital.  Additional supporting information is provided to assist with correctly identifying the eligible population for this survey. 

Additional questions

Any additional questions or free text boxes that your council would like to include as part of the survey (including those approved for previous surveys) should be sent for review, using the Additional Question Form.  The form needs to be returned to by Friday 14th September. A selection of previously approved questions is available for consideration within the question bank.


Materials (questionnaires, letters and forms, and interview scripts)

Translated materials - Updated 23 October 2018

Sample size calculator.

Draft Data Return

Draft data return - Do Not Use

Nov 2018 – The final data return is now available through the Strategic Data Collection System (SDCS). For more information contact the  data collections team.


Survey Data Return Validator v2.0

Please note this version of the validator will only work with the SACE 2018-19 data return; a version for use on the ASCS 2018-19 data return will be made available in due course via the ASCS 2018-19 webpage.

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