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Adult Social Care Survey, 2016-17 guidance for local authorities

2016-17 will be the seventh year of the Adult Social Care Survey. This is designed to help the sector understand more about how services are affecting lives. User experience information is critical for understanding the impact of services, for enabling choice and for informing service development. Data from this survey enables councils to benchmark against their peers and to gather information to support their local commissioning, performance and strategy. The survey also supplies data for a number of measures in the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework.


This guidance Personal Social Services Adult Social Care Survey, England: Information and guidance for the 2016-17 survey year sets out the actions that councils with Adult Social Services Responsibilities will need to perform during 2016-17 to carry out the Adult Social Care Survey and to provide data to NHS Digital. Updated 25 November 2016.

Additional questions

Any additional questions or free text boxes that your council would like to include as part of the survey (including those approved for previous surveys) should be sent for review, using the the Additional Question Form v1.0 to

Where additional detail is required to inform the approval process, NHS Digital may invite councils to a telephone 'drop in session' to discuss their proposals and to provide support. These sessions will take place during December and early January. A selection of previously approved questions is available for consideration within the question bank..


There will be a webinar on 12th December 2016 to go through the survey process for 2016-17. Councils will be able to submit questions in advance to be covered as part of the webinar and details will be sent to all survey contacts.

If you would like to attend, and are not currently a contact for User Experience Surveys for your council, please email to be added to the contact list.

Supporting materials to enable councils to run the 2016-17 Adult Social Care Survey are now available:

ASCS 2016-17 DataReturn v1.2

Please note this version (v1.2) was uploaded on February 14th  2017 to correct drop down lists on the Service User Data tab for several questions where response options were displaying incorrectly.."

Please note this version (V1.1) was uploaded on 24 April 2017 to update an error in the validator for Q2c, which was incorrectly flagging for a low response rate. In addition, some further flags produced by the validator have been updated so they will only appear in the report where an explanation is not given in the validations tab of the data return.

Survey Data Return Validator 2016-17 v1.1

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