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Current Chapter

Current chapter – 2B part 2: Coverage of reablement services

Formula: (X/Y)*100

X: Numerator Number of older people discharged from acute or community hospitals from hospital to their own home or to a residential or nursing care home or extra care housing for rehabilitation, with a clear intention that they will move on/back to their own home (including a place in extra care housing or an adult placement scheme setting) (figure 28).

The following SALT data items are utilised within the numerator for ASCOF 2B part 2.

Measure SALT STS004
Table(s) Table 1 (figure 28)
Cell description Contents of the cell under the column heading ‘total’, for row ‘Number of discharges in period to rehabilitation where the intention is for the patient to go back home’


Figure 28: SALT measure STS004, table 1.

SALT measure STS004, table 1

Y: Denominator Total number of people, aged 65 and over, discharged alive from hospitals in England between 1 October and 31 December. This includes all specialities and zero- length stays. Data for geographical areas is based on usual residence of patient.

The denominator for ASCOF 2B part 2 is not taken from SALT data. It is taken from Hospital Episode Statistics published by NHS Digital.


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