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Short and Long Term (SALT) data sources for the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF) 2021-22

Current Chapter

Short and Long Term (SALT) data sources for the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF) 2021-22

About this guidance

This guidance has been created to complement the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF) Handbook of Definitions published by the Department of Health and Social Care and we assume the reader is familiar with that document. A number of the measures within ASCOF draw on data from the Short and Long Term (SALT) data collection; this document describes the cells in the SALT data return that provide the data for those measures.

To help with the identification of the data utilised in the ASCOF measures, annotated images of the SALT data return tables are shown, as per the example below:

Figure 1: Example SALT table

example SALT table

How to interpret the annotated tables

Cells highlighted in pink or dark blue are those that contain data used in ASCOF measures; the text in the cell indicates the relevant ASCOF measure. In the above example, the data are used in ASCOF measure 1C part 1a.

ASCOF measure numerator data are highlighted in pink with black text, denominator data are highlighted in dark blue with white text.

The total of the contents of the identified cells contribute to the numerator or denominator component of the ASCOF measure.

In some instances, a depiction of a SALT table may cover two tables, where the tables are identical apart from covering different age bands. In these cases the table title has been modified to refer to both tables. In the example above (figure 1) both tables 1a (for ages 18 to 64) and 1b (for age 65 and over) contribute to the ASCOF measure.

Key to colours used in the SALT tables in this document

SAL tables key

What this image shows

1c part 2a - ASCOF measure numerator (cell coloured in red)

1c part 2a ASCOF measure denominator (cell coloured in dark blue)

light blue cell - voluntary data

yellow cell - row and column totals (automatically calculated value)

green cell - data related to cells in other tables.


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