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Purchase Order (PO) collection and the Purchase Order Validation (POV) collection

The Purchase Order (PO) collection is data from trust purchasing systems. It describes purchase orders for goods and services, including item name and description, volumes, cost, and supplier information.

Purchase order data sometimes does not reflect the actual price paid for the goods or services where adjustments and suppression need to be made to account for rebates, bulk purchases, bundled deals and research considerations. The Purchase Order Validation (POV) collection enables feedback of these adjustments and suppressions at a purchase order line or product code.



Background to the collection

The Purchase Order and Purchase Order Validation Collections are part of the Spend Comparison Service, which was launched on 1 August 2019, and replaces NHS Improvement’s Purchase Price Index and Benchmarking service (PPIB).

Collection schedule

The window for data submission opens weekly every Monday at 8am, and closes Wednesday at 6pm. Trusts must submit the previous week’s data during the submission window. If,for any reason, a submission is missed, the submission window will not be reopened. However, Trusts can add the missing data to their next weekly submission. 

Submitted data is now processed weekly and will be made available for analysis via the dashboards the following week.

The Purchase Order Validation collection will be permanently open and will allow trusts to supply adjustments to previously submitted purchase order data at any time. To submit any data outside the submission window dates, an SDCS extension for that reporting period will be required but can be requested at any time by emailing:


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